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Introducing John Kane - YAY!

Hi everybody. Hope Christmas went well and the New Year is a happy one.

I joined the list today so a quick intro is in order I guess.

I was born in Liverpool UK and now live in London. I am 52 and have been researching my family history seriously for just three months.

One thing I have learnt is that veering off the path to examine a sparkly distant relative in the grass is counter-productive. What I'd like to do is just concentrate on the four tap-roots of my tree which are my grandparents lines, ie Kane, Sanders, Tomlinson and Laffey. I thought you guys might have some tips or contacts for people researching the same lines. Brief recap of research to date follows:


My maternal grandmother was Catherine Laffey. Her father was Thomas Laffey born about 1857 in CastleBar, Co Mayo, Ireland. He married a Bridget Begley (children May, Thomas, Michael and James) before marrying my great-grandmother Annie Redmond, nee Wafer. They had four children, Annie, Catherine, William and Mary Alice.

The 1901 census shows Thomas and Annie living at 14 Wilkin Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool

Any leads as to Thomas Laffey's family in Co Mayo or Annie Wafer's in Co. Wexford gratefully received.


My maternal grandfather was William Sanders. I am researching the family tree stemming from his grandparents, John Sanders of Brandon and Emma Harrison of Boothby, both of which places are in Lincolnshire. They were born in 1841 and 1845 respectively, and they are my great-great-grandparents. They moved to Liverpool in the early 1860s, where John got a job as a dock labourer. They had nine children, these being:

* Mary (b 1865)
* William (b 1868 )
* Thomas (b 1870 )
* Sarah (b 1872)
* John (my great-grandfather, b 1873, husband to Amelia Finnigan)
* Charles (b 1877)
* Samuel (b 1879)
* Robert (b 1884)
* Beatrice (b 1887)

Census returns show the following Liverpool addresses:

* 8 Callow Terrace, Blenheim Street (1871)
* 8 Sefton Terrace (1881)
* 32 Torr Street (1891, 1901)

Hope someone can help me track down the offspring of my great-grandfather John's eight siblings. I have census returns (1891 and 1901) for 37 Summer Gardens in Kirkdale which shows a likely match for his brother William.


My paternal grandfather was James Kane, son of James CAIN and Isabella Noreen McAuley. James Cain was born in Port Glasgow in 1868, one of nine children belonging to John Cain of Co. Antrim and Elizabeth Kerr of Scottyland. Their names (taken from census returns at Hebburn Co Durham) are:

* Peter b 1865
* Lizzie b 1866
* James (my great-grandfather) b 1868
* Catherine b 1870
* Margaret b 1875
* Mary Jean b 1877
* Arthur b 1881
* John Alexander b 1883
* Agnes b 1886

The family had moved to the Jarrow, Co.Durham area in the early 1870s, from where James Cain went back to Belfast, married Isabella, changed his name to get work on the docks, changed his religion when that didnt work before moving to Liverpool about 1914 with my grandfather James and siblings in tow, these being:

* John Alexander
* Lily
* Jean
* James Kane (my grandfather)
* Isabel Noreen
* Catherine Noreen

Any leads for the Geordie Cains gratefully received


The last of the bunch is my paternal grandmother Flo Tomlinson, born in Bootle in 1897, daughter of Tommy Tomlinson and Sarah Ann Bowring Griffiths. Flo was the eldest of their eight children, the others being:

* Robert (b.1899)
* Thomas (b.1902)
* Annie (b.1904)
* Alfred (b.1908 )
* James (b.1910 )
* Mary
* Richard (b.1918 )

I have managed to trace the Tomlinsons back to North Meols near Southport in the 1700s but I am stumped when it comes to my Dad's maternal cousins, ie the offspring of the Tomlinsons listed above. Dad has now passed into the great GRO in the sky so no help there. So if anyone has links to the Tomlinsons of Bootle, info and help gratefully received.

First post and I've probably broken all the rules but I shall try and be good in the future.


John Kane
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Hi ya John,

May thanks for your introduction, and welcome to the FHUK family history forum.

Hope Christmas went well and the New Year is a happy one
We all wish you the same John - have a great 2007.

One thing I have learnt is that veering off the path to examine a sparkly distant relative in the grass is counter-productive. What I'd like to do is just concentrate on the four tap-roots of my tree which are my grandparents lines, ie Kane, Sanders, Tomlinson and Laffey.
We have all been there - I regularly get sidetracked! I even have gone completely haywire by researching the wrong family line! (thats another long story for another day!:))

Hopefully you have posted all your names in our Wanted Name system!

All the best John, look forward to seeing you soon.

Hello John,

Glad to hear that I am not the only one new to this! I Am a Tomlinson from South Africa, although my family is from Burnley and currently Durham UK. My father Denis Keith Tomlinson was one of two children in his family, his sister married a Bainbridge, her name is Dianne. Their mother is Dorothy and father Harold Tomlinson, much more than that is very hazy. So what I am really saying is if you can shed a little light on my dim family history for me here in the extreme south I would be very grateful. Like wise if I can shed any light on elements of the Tomlinson family for you from my side then we will both profit from our mutual ancestry.

Kind Regards

Sonia Natalie Tomlinson

pee wee

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Hi John, welcome

Hope your searching is going well. I am researching the Sanders line as well. ( I used to be one):)

I have made a note of your GGF sibblings. Will see what I turn up. Someone once told me that all Sanders are related in some way. Well I have yet to find any who match mine:2fun:

Will let you know what I find if anything.

San Antonio
Hi John

I'm replying as I stumbled on your posting a few minutes ago and couldn't believe it....we seem to be searching the same line of Cains/Kanes.

My mother was born Dorothy Mary Cain in 1935 in Hebburn, died near Banbury in 2014; her lines goes as follows: her father John White Cain born 1909 in Hebburn, died 1989 I think in Dunstable, her mother was Maud Robson who died in Hebburn in 1938 or 1939; his father was Arthur Cain born in Hebburn (in Scotland?)and died in Dunstable about 1952 I think, his wife was a Maggie Roy from Scotland; his father was John Cain (Kane/Keane possibly) somewhere in Ireland around 1845 perhaps and went to Glasgow and married a Scot named Elizabeth Kerr.

All up to Arthur Cain I know is right, the part of John Cain and Elizabeth Kerr is what some friends "found" in Edinburgh for me and they think it might be correct.

My mother married my Dad, Charles E Campbell from Cincinnati, Ohio, in January 1956 while he was stationed in England with the USAF. Unfortunately she died four years ago.

She was raised by her Aunt Ginny (Eliza Jan Cain) who was her Dads sister, this was after her own mother had died about 1938 or 1939. her father, John White Cain was in the Royal Artillery during WWII serving at Gibraltar. Afterwards, he returned to Dunstable and worked for Vauxhall in Luton.

This so far is about as much as I know and hopefully it might tie in with what you have.

Have you any information or details on John Kane from County Antrim such as parents, town or village from, etc?


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Hello Tim

I don't know if you have noticed, but this thread is over ten years old. There is a possibility you may not hear from John Kane. Good luck with your research.

San Antonio
Thanks for the welcome.

Hi Amanda, I did see the date on the original posting by John Kane and no subsequent posting from then on but thought I'd give it a try.

John's is the first that I've seen that makes ANY mention of the line I'm following and the mention of John Kane from County Antrim is what grabbed my attention.

My mother has a cousin in Dunstable who has given me some information but is held back as I am with where to look or for who.

But will keep trying to piece this all together no matter what.

I've been working on my own Campbell line since 1994 and still trying to find out who is the next link in the line circa 1700s in Colonial Virginia. My last documented ancestor Thomas Campbell left for what is now Kentucky in the very late 1700s, it's his parents and info before him I'm still seeking.

I have used Ancestry and other sites but things get muddled as they all show three different parental lineages for Thomas. Not very helpful.

Cheers again, Tim
Hi John

Not sure if you'll see this... I believe I might be related to that John Sanders too - married Amelia - had son called Thomas (who had a son called Thomas who is my grandad). Just wondering if you had any more information if you do see this!


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