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Introducing - Steve Henley

Hello, all. I'm Stephen Henley. Living now in Matlock, Derbyshire, but origins scattered all over. London's East End, Brighton, Woburn, north Germany, Sheffield, Howden and a few more places besides. I have also traced relatives to many more places: quite a few to Australia and New Zealand, and my wife and I met many of the NZ cousins on a holiday earlier this year.

Now a semi-retired consultant geologist (mining industry), have worked in many places around the world during my career. Specialised in computing methods (have written lots of software). Currently also managing websites - some paid, some for free (charities etc).

For anyone with Bedfordshire ancestors: I have transcribed the Woburn Rates Book which congtains information on all Woburn rate payers between 1802 and 1828. This is a handy reference for locating people before the 1841 census: www.woburnratesbook.org.uk searchable free of charge with all page images downloadable free. Also there is a lot of information on ancestor William Vine, miller, of Brighton, on www.williamvine.net

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