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Introduction to Members

Hello to all members,

I have been researching my family tree for many years and like everyone, have hit a few brick walls. Hoping to sort out discrepancies with some records, I have found this type of forum to be a very successful means of doing so. Also living in hope of finding living descendants of my gr.gr.grandparents. With Irish ancestors from Wicklow Town, Wicklow and at least four convicts in the family, all transported to Tasmania, Australia, my ancestry is colourful!


Welcome to the forumwelcome.
One of the biggest things that O have had to come to terms with is the changes in first names people often had.
Although as I now realise the information was collected at the doorstep by an enumerator and the information given by someone who may of not known the persons real name or even where they were born.
Its a wonder we can get any true meaniong from the data!
Best of luck with the brick walls! Keep working at it and they will tumble!!

A big thank you to all five members above, for the warm welcome. I am still trying to navigate the site, so forgive me if I have not thanked you all individually. I hope to share some of my research with you soon and throw some queries at you.
Cheers for now,
Hello and welcome to FHUK

Please have a look around the forums and then post your queries in the most appropriate ones and someone will try to answer them.

Good luck with your research.