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Hello Mazzy and welcome to the FHUK forums:)
As regards you forgetting your passwords, I would suggest you make up a password that you easily remember and use that password on the sites that state that they keep your details safe and do not pass them on to third parties, like here on FHUK. Then have a second password for sites that you are unsure about.
We at FHUK wish you success in researching your ancestors and when you require help, just post your questions on the apropriate forum/s with as much information that you do have, and our friendly and helpful members will try and help you as much as we can. We also hope you will enjoy many hours on our forums and if you feel you can help other members that will be welcome also.
Best regards StericoO0 helpusall
Hi all

my name is Rainie, I am searching for information on Perry, Carey/Cary, Gardner, Thornton,Bolton families in England, Ryan, Piggott, families in Ireland, Watson, Fraser,McBain,Robertson families in Scotland.

Thank you for making the facility of this site freely available. :)

Kind regards

Hi Rainie,

Welcome to the forum.

What part of Scotland do your Robertsons come from? I have Robertsons from Cromerty (though info is a bit hazy).
Hello everyone - just joined not very tech minded so i hope i have posted in the right place. Finished working a few months ago and purchased a laptop since then i have been bitten by the bug:mad: I have been really lucky as someone has already done my family tree back to 1690, there are a few queries to sort out and obviously i would like to go back further if possible. The names i am interested in are Arscott, Chappell and Olver. I am married with one daughter who is gob smacked that i am on my laptop and can find my way round. Right now i am going to go and make a cup of chocolate and say good night:) ;)
Hello all. This is our first time here and I'm still learning to navigate the forum.
I'm a volunteer at Lumeah Homes, Snowtown, South Aus and at least one of our residents is interested in researching his family connections in Cornwall, UK.
We are searching for the Allen family. Don't know much else yet and will be grateful for any hints from experienced users.

Hi Anne
welcome to the FHUK forums :)
You will find all our members are very friendly and helpful on the FHUK Forums, all you need to do is post your queries along with any information you do have, on the appropriate forum/s , and our members will try and find the answers to those questions.
will be grateful for any hints from experienced users.
to help with the navigation, why not download the FHUK toolbar, you can find this on the "Forum Homepage" you will find the toolbar very handy as when you wish to come on to FHUK, all you need to do is click the toolbar, it has a lot of other things like links, feeds etc, don't worry about making mistakes in the forums I used to all the time and the members helped me to get used to the site. As regards research, start with yourself, then your parents, then your grandparents on both your mother and fathers side and so on, don't try and jump a generation as this can cause frustration:confused: , take your time and most of all enjoy your research,

Best regards to you and every success in your research
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My name is Jennifer Gerring I prefer Jenny. I have been doing a lot of research int o both my mothers and my fathers family. I myself are married for the second time and have been for 24yrs my first marriage lasted thirteen years and I have two daughters from that marriage both who have children of their own one is 18 and the other 4. I am 57 and unfortunately disabled.
If any body can help me with my fathers side which is the moore side I would be grateful

Hi thanks for having me.
I am a retired engineer born and raised in Hamptead, London until the age of 16 then moved to Harrow, Middx. Met and married a girl from Paris, France had two children one of each and in 2006 we both took early retirement and moved to S W France.
I started looking into my family history about twenty years ago but did not get that far because of the lack of time (In those days it meant a trip to St Catherines House).
I thought being retired would give me more free time but it has not worked like that yet, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day.
Will be researching my parents names Prince and Watson.

:D :D
Hello I am new to this site but have been researching my family history for 3 years. My family are from Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Northampton. SO FAR.
I started out only knowing my grand parents last names and one of those was a Smith. Hard work at times.
I have a vast family tree now on ancestry 2400 people attached but am still searching for a few closer relations after 1900. Some lines go back to 1600.
I hope to share with others some of the information I now have and find where my missing links are.
I live in Dorset where I was born.
My Fords came from West Meon Petersfield Hants. My missing link is dads mother Eliza Wild 1885. And dads sisters families.
Mothers Barnetts and Gray came from Somerset and Wiltshire.
I love finding people on census it is like a window into another persons life.

Hello all,

My name is Iain Jenkins and I live in South Africa. I was however, born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1929 and would very much like to trace my fathers family, both past and current. His name was Edward John Jenkins and he was probably born late 1880s. He married Annie Nicholls who was born in July 1899.
Hi ya Iain, great to see you here from South Africa
His name was Edward John Jenkins and he was probably born late 1880s
Please post your requirements in the relevant forum and I am sure we will be able to help you out.

And Hi to you Rosemary
I started out only knowing my grand parents last names and one of those was a Smith.
Really sorry about that Rosemary - Smith is hard!
I have a vast family tree now on ancestry 2400 people attached but am still searching for a few closer relations after 1900. Some lines go back to 1600.
Thats great Rosemary (hope they weren't all Smiths! Sorry!:)

And bonjour to you Chubb3g114,
Met and married a girl from Paris, France had two children one of each and in 2006 we both took early retirement and moved to S W France.
Lucky man:) I was in Harrow last week and was in Nice earlier this year
I thought being retired would give me more free time but it has not worked like that yet
.... and I was really looking forward to my retirement.... ah well....

And Hello to you Jennifer - sorry Jenny:)
If any body can help me with my fathers side which is the moore side I would be grateful
Thats what we at the FHUK forums try and do.

welcome to you all, many thanks for posting here and introducing yourselves. We all look forward to seeing more of you in the FHUK community forums.

When you have posted more than 3 posts, you will be able to "show" your "Wanted Names", so please ensure that you have filled them in on your profile - but please post some more first....

All the very best to you and all your families,]
Re:Introducing Gunnadomee

Hi everyone. I am new to this site so am fumbling my way around. I just love finding new info on our families. We are building contractors. Live on the east coast of Oz. Have two kids with five grandkids. Lot of family history in the UK. Cheers. "K".
Hi, I'm Pat from Sompting, near Worthing recently moved from Hove! Sorry, I got so wound up in telling you a few moments ago about my problems in finding my relatives who refuse to be found that I forgot to introduce myself ... well, that fact combined with only just starting to get the hang of computors! Sorry for being a numbskull. I'm 62 years old, married for 30 years and have four children (all grown up now and only one semi flown the nest due to being at uni in London and using this area of suburbia as her base). We have two dogs and they are just like children so nothing is different. We live in a bungalow with a very large garden for the area. I hate it as I'm a Londoner and miss the hustle and bustle along with the art galleries, theatres and departmental stores and also the fantastic Georgian architecture of Belgravia etc. I moved here to downsize and also get easy parking which was impossible in Hove and also to get space for the dogs. I can't have it both ways, I know but I'll always be a London girl. I'm interested in art and, at the moment, knitting and other crafts. I was at art college in the 60's and followed this with a year in Paris doing research in architecture. I then did a year's post grad. in teaching and taught for 5 years in Fulham but left to have our first child and then moved to Brighton.:cool:

I'm Dilbert and I have tried to find out about my familly but have hit a brickwall. Hopefully I will be able to find more about my familly by using this site.
Hello. I became interested in genealogy about 5 years ago, and through Friends Reunited, made contact with some 3rd cousins on my maternal line. Amazingly, I knew their mother (who was still alive but has since passed away) and their grandmother, though I had never met them. We met and exchanged lots of useful information, and some things that had been a mystery to me suddenly became clear.
Also, through the miracles of the internet, I got in touch with a 4th cousin twice removed, who seems to be a world expert on the Crerars, and I learned loads from him. With the above help, I have information on the Crerars back to 1650 - scant, but information all the same. I am desperate to find out more about the Lairds, Blairs and Robbies. However, the Robbies are a bit like the Crerars, not always having had this name.

My line of Crerars anyway - were originally Macintoshes, and the Robbies were Kerrs. The Smiths are difficult to research because not only is it a very common name, but Smiths married Smiths, entangling the web further. Anyone researching Crerars and Lairds - a Crerar married a Laird, and there was some family dispute about a family grave - this is all the information I have, but I do know there are 2 graves side by side in Dunkeld cemetery, one Laird and one Crerar. From memory, both named John but it is a few years since I was there.
The best thing (so far) out of all this is that through the 3rd cousins in Glasgow, they contacted their cousin who is another 3rd cousin of mine, and whom I did meet as a child - and she forwarded not one, but 2 photographs of my grandmother - the first I'd ever seen. She died when my mother was 12 and mum did not have a photograph of her, so it was a very healing thing for me to finally receive 2 photographs. The other thing I am desperate to find out about is the genealogy of my grandfather Frederick (possibly Frederic) Dawes. I know very little about him except that he was in the Army, possibly Pay Corps although a photograph from yet another genealogist contact suggests it might have been Medical Corps, probably a Captain, and was stationed in Perth, Scotland, for about 6 or 7 years from around 1922 to 1928.
Hope to hear from someone soon.
I could ramble on forever, but will leave my intro there.........anyone contacting me can
I to also hit brick walls and it's a real pain. Some ancesters grow branches twigs and the lines get longer and longer. Others and I have 2 blocks, records just cannot be found.
I too have Fords mine are from Hants Uk, where are yours from?

good morning world ,:biggrin: :biggrin: my name is chris davage i,m 62 married with 5 grown up children ,well supposed to be grown up ,we have 7 granchildren,and live in hampshire uk ,i am researching my family (DAVAGE),have found relatives in aus ,usa,and we originally came from sheffield ,have got back to 1763 at moment and hit a brickwall ,any body looking for same out there i have loads to share ,and will be glad to pass on who knows we may be related ,good luck to all researchers because its is a very good passtime although sometimes frustrating,all the best chris davage:biggrin: :biggrin: