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Lodon Ontario
Hi everyone, I am a new member on this site and trying to find my way around.
I live in London, Ontario Canada and have since emigrating from Manchester area in 1951. I am married 43 years and have three married children and seven grandchildren. Our newest being twins a boy and a girl one year old.

I work in community health doing client visits part time. My hubby is retired from Ford Motor Co for seven years. We have a cottage on Lake Erie and enjoy this in the summer and we usually go south for a month in the heart of our lovely Canadian winter.
It has just starting snowing here today and it is quite cold. Our winter has been a little slow in arriving this year but we don't mind that at all.

My mom who was born out of wedlock never knew her mother and when she was alive we tried to research her ancestory but had no luck. She passed away in 2001 and my brother and I decided to try again. Well we have found some interesting things such as her mom moved 170 miles from her home to have mom in Rusholme. My grandmother was 40 years of age when she had mom and died 2 years later. We have a lot of unanswered questions to date
but hoping to put the pieces of puzzle together.
Well I have rambled enough. Hope to talk to some of you in the future. Marg.redf)
Hi margaret and welcome to the FHUK forum, great to have you here.welcome

I am married 43 years and have three married children and seven grandchildren. Our newest being twins a boy and a girl one year old.
Great family! Tell how you got the kids out of the house - I have been trying for years - eventually we got one out! I think we look after them too well:)

we usually go south for a month in the heart of our lovely Canadian winter.
I mentioned earlier in another thread that its terrible weather here in Nottingham, England. Cold, very, very wet and dark. Could do with some snow to warm it up a bit!
Oh, I nearly forgot, on my wifes side, we have relatves in Canada called Wonnecot. Where they live I can't quite remember. I know that they have lost track with each other (wifes mothers sister).

Love your family story. It really surprises me how many families have so many "secrets". I found loads in my family and dispelled a lot of other "rumours" passed through the family.

Hope to see more of you Margaret,
All the best,
Thanks Dave for your warm welcome.

I know what you mean regarding the kids moving out. Our baby 32yr old had it really good here. He moved out once lived with some girl they broke off and he moved back in. Saved enough to buy his own home after my husband told him it was time to go "I am retiring in Jan. his dad said". Good kid but enough is enough of them.

I am going to check out the forum now so catch you later.
Hi Margaret
If I may be so bold to welcome you, your family is much the same as mine, 5 children, three boys and two girls. the boys are married, but not the girls, they can't find a man that matches the high standards of their father (He!He!) I also have seven granchildren. My wife and I went to Canada for a three weeks holiday two years ago and what a wonderful place it was. We stayed in Calgary and motored to vancouver. What a great trip that was.
Stay safe
Hi Margaret
Just found your posting and had to leave a quick message. I am sat here with my friend Michael Cleveley in Worcestershire, England.
We have just sent you an email to the address you put in a letter to his brother (Peter in Worcester) that you sent in December 2006 - hope you still use the same rogers email address.
Mick's great great grandfather was Joseph Cleveley. He had a son John Cleveley who was the father of Eliza that you have been searching for.
Mick is also registering on this site as Michael Cleveley and may well post another message for you if the email does not reach you.
For information John Cleveley was born in January 1855 in Stock and Bradley, Worcestershire which is now listed on maps as Bradley.
Mick will be looking forward to further contact with you to exchange more about the family history.
Kind regards, Roy

Welcome to the FHUK forums.
We wish you continued success in your research, and may your brick walls be demolished!
If you require help all you need to do is,
Post your requests, with as much information as you already have, on the appropriate forum/s, and our friendly and helpful members will help you as much as they can.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy your time here on FHUK.
Best regards sterico