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liz Stokes

Active member
Hi All,

I have been doing a genealogy course and during it it was suggested that we try and look at some 'inventories'. Probate inventories are one of the best ways of putting 'flesh on the bones' of our ancestors. Seeing a list of items that have been accumulated by them gives a real insight into how they lived.
I have not yet found one from one of my own ancestors but having seen some, it is something that I hope to follow up - especially as I come from farming stock. Many inventories survive and are mainly in county records offices,from 1529 to mid 18th centuary. Some are stored along side other probate documents. I know that a Family Historian finding an Inventory directly linked to their own family is a very lucky one but, as I said, they do give a fantastic picture of the past!

http://www.house-detectives.co.uk/gallery/probate.htm# gives a good example of one from1723.