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Inverkeithing Gibsons

Mary C

Does anyone know this family? I believe they were well-known in the area of Inverkeithing in Fife. Any info would be gratefully received. I am trying to link all the various factions of the family using census material, and possibly finding living members of the family that I don't already know about
Hi Mary C

What info have you collected so far on the Gibsons of Inverkeithing? Gibson is quite a common name.

I've got all the census material for Gibsons born in Inverkeithing and am trying to collate it to link individual families. I would also like to know which families the females married out to. My brother has managed to follow the direct line of descent back to late 1600s. I am filling in the branches, so if anyone has any Gibsons on their family tree I would love to know. I have a Genes Reunited tree with most of my research on it which I can give access to any other GR members. Am currently looking at other family tree building programmes.
Hi Mary

Here is a link to a rootsweb site where you can search family trees. Type in Gibson in the surname search and Inverkeithing in the birthplace entry. Only about 7 entries come up but this is worth a try.


This is a link to Fife records covered by the IGI. Click on the I at the top of the page and it will take you straight to Inverkeithing. You can then click on the dates covered which are hyperlinked. A new window will open up. Type Gibson in the search box at the top right of the screen. It will come up with any Gibson baptisms or marriages that occurred in the years transcribed. If you require any further assistance in using this site just ask.


Thanks for that. had a quick look this morning. I think all of these Gibsons are relatives. Will have a closer look tonight. Strangely, I have been on this site before but got inundated with American Gibsons. Obviously not asking the right questions!
Wow! Just spent the evening working on the information Ben passed on. Now I know where most of the females married out to, but given myself so much more work to do on the new families. I'll be at this for years!! Going to link the new info to the census info I already have.
Thanks Ben