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Inward/Outward Shipping Records


Active member
Perth, Western Australia
I need help and some understanding for what I am looking for.

In 1957, my mother sailed on a Swedish Cargo boat, which carried 12 passengers, plus its cargo of Bananas. It was sometime around April/May, I cannot remember the month, only that it was the School holidays, the place, Fremantle, Western Australia. She returned home again, month not remembered, but she was away for 6 months - Sept/ October/November 1957, and I stood at the wharf, waving this woman farewell.

She was born in 1913 in St.Marylebone and my mother and grandparents migrated to Perth, in 1927 on the SS Ormonde. She married, but had siblings/father still living in Buchkingham.:(

My mother went back to the UK to see her father and siblings in 1957. Now I do not know if she still retained her British Passport or had an Australian Passport.

What I want to know, would the Swedish Cargo boat go to the UK or would it have gone to Europe first. Would she have gone thru English customs? There must be some record of her arriving/leaving and I am at a loss, and have already trawled thru all the new records re Incoming/Outgoing Records for Fremantle, and there is nothing. I have also asked several Australian Government Records for help, and no one wants to be of an assistance. My patience is running at a low, and I do hope that someone out there has information that could help me.

Kind regards

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