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Irish Great Grandad - Patrick Williams

:) Hi All,

I'm back & after new information if anyone can help. I have an Irish Great Grandfather called Patrick Williams that I believe was born in Queenstown (Cork) on 8th July 1880 and died on 11th February 1960. He was in Royal Navy and luckily I've seen pictures of him with my nan (as a kid) that my mum & dad have.
Does anyone doing research know anything of him such as family members or maybe ships he served on.
I have done reasonably well in research of my family name, Strugnell but can't progress on Patrick Williams. Any help would be welcome, however small it may be.
Thanks guys.



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Re: Irish Great Grandad

Hi Keith,
UK Royal Navy Registers of Seaman's Service 1900-1928 has
Patrick Williams b 1 Nov 1880 Dublin, a labourer. Service number - SS 10 1557 from 6 Nov 1905 to 2 Jan 1906 on ship "Vivid 11" - a Stoker.

He was a bit of a nauti boy (and told some porkies about his age on both records) & got sent ashore and discharged as he had previously served in RN at Patrick Williams on service number 281400,

'HMS Vivid II' was the name of the Royal Naval Barracks at Devonport. The Navy call shore establishments 'Ships' for some reason

The National Archives has his other service record - 281400

this is the one I found which gave details for the one above...

I wonder if this is also his..Ancestry takes me to Nat Archives to view and then distorts the image.
Name: Patrick Williams
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1882
Birth Place: Dublin
Date: 1908-1955
Service number: S 8285

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Hi Keith,
this reply comes VERY late - I know; but I am also related to Patrick Williams (b. 1880) of Queenstown. I have some more information you may be interested in. however, I am not too fond of posting it publicly, especially on a seemingly dead post. :confused: Maybe you can send me a direct message on here (i cant for some reason, maybe the account is too fresh) ? Anyway, hope you get to see this message. :giggle:

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