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Irish roots


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Hi, I am looking for help with my Irish ancesters. I am using ancestry and a few free sites but no luck.

The story passed down the generations in my family is as follows.
Thomas Shannon born in 1844 in the parish of Castlerae in the county of Roscommon. He came to Liverpool to look for his father John Shannon born about 1825, who had left the family some years earlier.
He found him running a shoe repair shop in Brownlow hill Liverpool, his father had set up a new family, his new wife was named Elizabeth and they had a son/stepson named John.
Thomas was 17 years old at the time, and he set about his father, it was then told their was a great hue and cry all over Brownlow hill. Thomas was caught and given the choice of facing the magistrate or taken the queens shilling (to serve in the army) which he did and was mustered at Liverpool on the 2/8/1861 to serve 22 years.
From this point on we have good records of my Gt grandfather Thomas Shannon. And the 1881 census for John Shannon But none from Ireland.

Hope you can help.
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