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Is anyone looking to have photos restored

Hi to everyone,Firstly an apology to the site owners if they dont allow commercial posts, i wil understand if you have to delete my post.
I run a very small one man photo restoration business and was advised at my business advice course to approach genealogy and family history sites and forums to advertise my services.
My web site can be viewed at http://www.archive-digital.ukartists.com
I try to keep my prices very reasonable and i really love what i do, it's absolutely not a large commercial business and i care about my customers needs. if you are interested please take a moment to view my site for examples of my work.
All the best, Dave:)
Hi Dave,

As you say, we normally do not allow direct advertising here on the forum.
In this instance I can see this is a benefit for our members and am assured that you will give our members a good deal.

Maybe you could add a link to your website? (Its also a good way to get your business known and listed on sites!)

All the best,
Thankyou very much Admin, it is appreciated, there is a link to my site in the original post, if you have time take a look and let me know what you think.
Al the best Dave, Archive Digital