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Is it possible, birth registered in wrong district


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I am looking for Annie Edwards birth in 1883, she is on the 1901 census at Pontycymer, Bridgend, with parents Evan and Mary age 17, I have her original marriage certificate stating her age as 23 in July 1906, the only likely 1891 census possibly has her living with her mothers married sister and family as a visitor (William and Ann Watkins in Cefn Cribwr, but named as Anna, the birth area is correct as what I was told as a child - Ogmore Vale). Myself and a cousin have a vague idea that her birth was in June 1883, I have studied the BMDs for the year and have had certs. for the wrong person, from the Bridgend area, there is a baby registered with the same name in Pontypridd in the correct quarter. As both districts have the same volume no. is it possible that somehow her birth is registered in the neighbouring district. This has been a problem for a number of years, my uncle attempted to do a family tree about 20 years ago, and failed to find the birth certifcate, but was told then that there was a likely birth in the Pontypridd area. So is it possible that although there was no direct connection between the districts it was somehow recorded in the wrong district.

Any help, ideas would be appreciated.


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Hi MagsVS,

It's hard to say whether the birth was registered in the wrong district.
There are errors in the GRO index. Some some reason her birth could have been registered in a different district the family could have been visiting.

Have you tried the GRO and indicating a ref check, believe they will do a 3yrs either side of the year of birth. Have a look on their site, or try the registrars office for Pontypridd this will work out cheaper.


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