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Is the person on your wall the one you think it is?


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Hi there,

Recently I sent a new found 2nd cousin a photo of her Grandad who was killed in WW1 in France. There had been a house fire many years ago and his widow had lost photos, letters and his medals, so no one really knew anymore what he looked like. The photo I sent showed a Bombadier with his men which matched his rank on official records and also, conclusively to my mind, when we put the photo on the computer and enlarged it, it was clear that he had etched his wife's name, "EMMA" in the mud at this feet. My Grandmother was his sister and had always shown me this photo and said it was "our Willie", so I was sure I had the right person.

My cousin's husband noticed that my photo did not match the one on their dining room wall that another relative had copied for them that was supposed to be her Grandfather. She sent me a copy of a man I believe to be his brother (a Lance Bombadier). She has lived for years with a photo that was not her Grandfather on her wall! This is not the first time this has happened either!

A third cousin from the USA sent me a photo of her Gt Grandmother with her son and supposedly his wife. A closer puzzled look, a comparison with another photo I had and a play around with photoshop, showed that the "wife" was actually his sister. The photos were taken about 5-7 apart.

I'm wondering how often this kind of thing happens? It highlights how important it is to research everything thoroughly before you just blindly believe what you're told by other family members. It a really important lesson. Further research lead me to find handwriting on the back of the photos (I'd never noticed it before) and compare to writing on army documents and the 1911 census documents. It's amazing how many checks and balances there are ,to be as sure as you can that you have the correct information.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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