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:( is this even possible?

Hello i have taced all my family all my family back as far as i care to go 1765...but im overly botherd about my grand father...he emigrated to new zealand in 1963 and unless i hire a private investigator wich will cost £450(wich i don't have)or i have no way of ever knowing if he remarried or had more children wich is highly likely since he was only 17 with a new baby when he left...i know he and my grandmother split up and he tried to remain in contact with my mum but because my grandmother was hurt or whatever she cut him off and now i have no idea or way of checking newzealand non historical records for a marriage certificate or possible address or death or being able to see if his sister remarried...ive had more luck finding more info on her from the 70's but i think its likely she married and changed her surname.....I really really want to find them..for myself but mainly for my mum whos 48 and been surching for 30 yrs...i know it would make her really happy to know even if he has died she can stop looking and wondering...
Is there anyone in newzealand who could help me? is that even a possiblity?

Thank you,
Rochelle Dowie

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