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Isaac Beardmore

Hello cp,

Good news. The marriage has been found. :D

It was not in Adelaide although two children were born in Adelaide in 1850 and 1851.

It was in the expected place Goulburn but I can't find it in the index.

Wesleyan Marriages in the Goulburn Circuit
Frederick William Newbery
Mary Ann Furner
10 Jun 1848 at Goulburn by William Lightbody
Witnesses: Philip Steer of Goulburn, Charles Furner of Goulburn



Hi Dave

I can only find one birth in S.A.:eek:

Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906
Surname: NEWBERY
Given Names: Jane
Date: 1851-11-19
***: F
Father: Frederick William NEWBERY
Mother: Mary Ann FERNER
Birth Place/Residence: Adelaide
District Code: Ade
Book: 3
Page: 297
Cross Reference:


Nottinghamshire Guardian (London, England), Friday, February 24, 1865; pg. 8; Issue 996. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.
At Nutall, on the 18th instant, Mr. Jabez Beardmore, aged 75.

Nottinghamshire Guardian (London, England), Friday, December 08, 1865; pg. 8; Issue 1035. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.
At Nutall, on the 3rd inst., Mary, widow of the late Mr. Jabez Bearmore, aged 80.

Hello cp,

Thank you very much.

Further to the Adelaide bit I recently noticed one daughter was the FIFTH but third on my list.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Friday 28 March 1884 p.1
AYLING-NEWBERY.-February 28, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, Corinth, Bondi, by the Rev. W. E. Bourne, Edwin Harkins, second son of Thomas Ayling, Esq.,of Handsworth, Goulburn, to Alice, fifth daughter of F. W. Newbery, late of Goulburn.


William Owen NEWBERRY ? b. 14 Feb 1850 Adelaide ?
1. Jane b. 19 Nov 1851 Adelaide

2. female b. 1852-1854? No sign in NSW index
3. female b. 1852-1854? No sign in NSW index

4. Ann M b. 1855 NSW d. 1855 NSW

Birth # V18552478 56/1855 NEWBERY ANN M FREDERIC W MARY A

5. Alice b. 1856


Don't know if this is one that will be solved.

Wish I knew what happened to Frederick & Jane NEWBERY after they married in 1863. Looks like alien abduction to me. :D


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Hi there my name is John Beardsmore i live in Colwick Nottingham.
Isaac was my great +3 uncle and Jabez was my great +4 grandfather.
If i can be of any help just get i contact i have a lot of information on all the
Hello John,

welcome to FHUK

I probably have some queries but I'll have to refresh my memory re this part of my tree. I'm not a descendant, just connected remotely by several marriages.

Hello John,

Births Sep Qtr 1842
Beardsmore Jane Basford 15 396

HO107 Piece 2128 Folio 388 Page 3
Civil Parish: Colwick
County: Nottinghamshire
Registration District: Baswick
Sub-RD: Arnold
Address: Colwick Hall
BEARDMORE Isaac Head 34 Retired butler Nuttall
Maragret Wife 34 Roxburgh Scotland
William son 13 Basford
Margaret dau 11 Basford
Jane dau 9 Basford
John Henry son 4 Annesley
Plus 1 servant and 1 lodger

Did Jane leave England before the 1861 census?

The one query I have and it's one you may not be able to answer. What happened to Jane and Frederick after they married? No trace of either has been found.

Frederick Thomas Newbery Bachelor NSW Land Surveyor 24 yrs Goulburn Goulburn Frederick William Newbery Sarah Brown Tailor
Jane Beardmore Spinster England - 22 yrs Goulburn Goulburn Isaac Beardmore Margaret Borrowman Farmer
3 March 1863 Wesleyan Chapel Goulburn By me Benjamin Chapman
Both signed
Witnesses signed [can't read the names]

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Can you add any more to these?

Deaths Jun Qtr 1854
Beardsmore Isaac Basford 7b 97

Deaths Jun Qtr 1878
BEARDSMORE Margaret 66 Basford 7b 110
Hi give this chap a call Keith Beardsmore he lives over your way is Great+ 3 grandfather was William Beardsmore Jane brother. Keith email is email address removed as per forum policy
All the best John.
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