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Isabella Almond


Near Durban
South Africa
Hi everyone, I am looking to find Isabella Almond born in Cape Town about 1807. Her death notice has no parent names on it nor husbands name. But it does have her as Isabella Miller born Almond. She died on the 19 Feb 1881 near Bedford Cape. Have it that her father was John Almond, do not know if this is correct. I am trying to find her baptism and her connection to England. When did her parents come to South Africa and what are their names. I think she was baptized in the English church ( Anglican).
Now Isabella Almond I am looking for married George Miller from Scots decent or is from Scotland. I have nothing on him, when he came to South Africa, when was he born or his parents names.
There is another Isabella Almond in Cape Town who married Samuel Phelps in 1827 in the English church, have no idea if she is the same person as the one I am looking for.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks
Hello Ellie, yes I have all of that. As you can see Paul also does not have any info for Isabella and George. I have found six children the six one Richard dying before his mother in 1873, have his death notice and baptism . Then George and Jean Cornelia are the other children that I have marriage and death notice for and names of their children and grandchildren. the other thing is I have not been able to find the baptisms of the children except Richard. I have a document done by the family of George son of Isabella, and they were not able to find anything more on Isabella and George. They know that Isabella possible her parents came from England and George from Scotland but they have not been able to find their roots in the UK.
I am wondering if George Miller was an English soldier ,if he was FMP may have a records ,otherwise its Kew Gardens .National archives is worth a look for early soldiers.Sorry i'm not much help.
I see five, Jean Cornelia, George, Isabella, Harriet and James.

About George the husband, will look on Kew's website and see if I can find anything. There must be a clue some place.

Dutch Reformed Church registers - Cape Town Archives (1660-1970)

Isabella Almond
Memership - 14 Dec1825

Whether she’ your Isabella. May be worth seeing if they have anything else on this Isabella.
Hi Julie, yes I saw that , but it could be the other Isabella Almond who married Samuel Phelps. Will look at the baptism collection and see what I can find.