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Island Beauty.


swindon wilts
A man is shipwrecked on an Island....he just manages to survive.
One day he wakes up and an amazing looking woman is stood before him....would you like some tea she asks...tea he replies...tea you have tea?
Yes she says...i grow my own on the other side of the island,he cant believe his luck.....would you like a bacon sandwich she asks....with a flutter of the eyelids and a smile.....bacon he gasps...you have bacon?
Yes she replies...i breed my own hogs on the other side of the island.
As the day goes on the treats keep coming.
At the end of the day she tucks him to bed with real blankets...woven on the other side of the island.
She closes his eyes with a tender hand and whispers into his ear....tomorow morning...i will give you the ultimate:eek:
A sound nights sleep he had and the next morning the scantilly clad island woman wakes him......are you ready for the ultimate she asks....exitedly he smiles and says........of course,of course but i have one question to ask you.....she grabs his arm and says of course ask away......well says the man....just where have you built this golf course:)