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It's almost the case of not believing any transcription.


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HO107 Piece 1612 Folio 422 Page 24
Civil Parish: West Peckham
County: Kent
Registration District: Malling
Sub-RD: East Peckham
ED: 4
No of Schedule: 86
Address: Hamptons
William R P Geary Head Mar 40 Baronet (Landed Proprietor) West Peckham Kent
and family and servants
Caroline Cole Servant 15 Scullery Maid Hadlow Kent

I've corrected the above census to match the images not the transcriptions.

I usually believe the Sub-RD as transcribed is correct and don't look at the enumerator's page. When I noticed FMP and A... didn't agree I looked at the image and it had East Peckham.

I wonder how many undetected errors I have in my tree.
RG12 Piece 1501 Folio 136 Page 8
Civil Parish: Great Yarmouth
County: Norfolk
Registration District: Yarmouth
Sub-RD: Yarmouth Northern * I think that is correct but FMP does not agree.
ED: 7
No of Schedule: 55
Address: 9 Wrestlers Plain
WEBBERBURN Harriet Mother Wid 63 London Middlesex
WEBBERBURN Albert Son S 19 Scale Maker Deptford Greenwich

HO107 Piece/Book 443/4 Folio 23 Page 11
Civil Parish: Barkway
Hundred: Edwinstree
County: Hertfordshire
Registration District: Royston and Buntingford
Sub-RD: Royston
ED: 5
Address: High St
John Bunyan 35 Thatcher Y
Frances Bunyan 38 Y
James 16 Y
Rhoda 14 Y
Reuben 13 Y * transcribed as Parker
Jesse 7 Y
John 6 Y

RG9 Piece 1962 Folio 93 Page 5
Civil Parish: Linton
County: Staffordshire
Registration District: Burton Upon Trent
Sub-RD: Gresley
ED: 6
No of Schedule: 24
Address: Linton
William Bird Head Mar 47 Colliery Labourer Moira Leicestershire
Hannah Bird Wife Mar 52 - Westminster Middlesex
Susanah Bird Dau 13 Scholar Church Gresley Derbyshire
William Bird Son 9 Scholar Spring Cottage Derbyshire * transcribed as Fairy
Walter Bird Son 8 Scholar Spring Cottage Derbyshire * transcribed as Fairy

I've noticed many errors on A... with the wrong Folio, or Parish or Sub-RD. Not to mention poor transcriptions:

Simpson = Limfesom

Sluce = Race and Shire

Scarborough = Pladdys

You never know in advance what bits to input. The Piece should be ok. The given name possibly. Page probably. Surname maybe not.

I failed to find ten I was searching for no matter what combinations I tried.
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HO107 Piece/Book 1222/21 Folio 8 Page 10
Civil Parish: Keyingham
Hundred: Holderness (South Division)
County: Yorkshire (East Riding)
Registration District: Patrington
Sub-RD: Patrington
ED: 7
Address: Keyingham
Samuel Suddaby 65 Ag Lab Y
Maria Suddaby 50 Y
Maria 17 Dressmaker Y

A... has the folio as 7 so it took me ages to find the image.
HO107 Piece 2213 Folio 445 Page 25
Civil Parish: Heap
County: Lancashire
Registration District: Bury
Sub-RD: Birtle * The correct one is Heywood as per 1861 and 1871
ED: 1l
No of Schedule: 88
Address: Smith St, Heywood
Thomas Stansfield Head Mar 24 Grinder Heywood Lancashire
Hannah Stansfield Wife Mar 21 Ireland
John Stansfield Son 1 Heap Lancashire
HO107 Piece 1956 Folio 684 Page 24
Civil Parish: Iron Acton
County: Gloucestershire
Registration District: Chipping Sodbury
Sub-RD: Chipping Sodbury * An error on A... * Correct one is Iron Acton
ED: 4c
No of Schedule: 106
Address: On the Sadbury Road
George Stiff Head Widower 60 Blacksmith Iron Acton Gloucestershire
Edward Still Son 16 Ag Lab Iron Acton Gloucestershire
Charles Stiff Son 14 Scholar Iron Acton Gloucestershire
HO107 Piece 1771 Folio 266 Page 5
Civil Parish: Chipping Ongar
County: Essex
Registration District: Ongar
Sub-RD: Bobbingworth * Error on A... * Correct one is Chipping Ongar
ED: 4
No of Schedule: 17
Address: High St
George Pollard Head Unm 32 Linen Draper Epping Essex
Matilda Pollard Sister Unm 25 - Epping Essex
Sophia Pollard Mother Widow 65 Visitor Epping Essex
+ 2 Assistants and 1 F S
HO107 Piece/Book 5/21 Folio 7 Page 9 * Error with folio on A... as 8
Civil Parish: Leighton Buzzard
Hundred: Manshead
County: Bedfordshire
Registration District: Leighton Buzzard
Sub-RD: Leighton Buzzard
ED: 2
Address: Parrot's Piece
Geo Pratt 20 Brick maker Y
Martha Pratt 20 Y
Eliza 10mo Y
HO107 Piece 1959 Folio 444 Page 25
Civil Parish: Westbury On Severn
County: Gloucestershire
Registration District: Westbury On Severn
Sub-RD: Newnham * Error on A... * Correct one is Huntley
ED: 2a
No of Schedule: 78
Address: Elton Tything
Daniel Packer Head Mar 37 Mason Westbury Gloucestershire
Eliza Packer Wide Mar 30 Mason Wife Westbury
Daniel Packer Son 9 Labourer Westbury
Charles Packer Son 7 - Westbury
Samuel Packer Son 5 - Westbury
Eliza Packer Dau 2 Westbury
HO107 Piece 1958 Folio 404 Page 23
Civil Parish: Dursley
County: Gloucestershire
Registration District: Dursley
Sub-RD: Dursley * Error on A... with Wotton
ED: 1d
No of Schedule: 96
Address: Hunger Hill
Jehoida Morgan Head Mar 67 Handloom Weaver Uley Gloucestershire
Mary Morgan Wife Mar 69 Spinner Dursley Gloucestershire
Post#16. How is it possible not to see the Folio as 9. OCR would read that as 9 but not a human?

When searching I no longer use the Folio. And I check the Sub-RD every time now.
HO107 Piece 1797 Folio 407 Page 18
Civil Parish: Barking
County: Suffolk
Registration District: Bosmere
Sub-RD: Needham Market * Not Coddenham as on A...
ED: 5b
No of Schedule: 79
Address: High St
James Lovely Head Mar 79 Labourer Cretingham ? Suffolk
Elizabeth Lovely Wife Mar 69 - Cretingham ? Suffolk
James Lovely Grand Son 8 - Hammersmith Middlesex