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Its snowing

I often wonder when i am sat next to an open log fire,with a nice pint of six X warming myself if the people in hot countrys walk into a pub and rub there hands next to a large lump of ice to cool down:)
Its easier to warm up than it is to cool down. If you are cold you add more clothes. If you are hot you get down to your skin and there is nothing more you can do.
Tescos have phoned and said they are delivering my freezer. I doubt it. We have at least 2 foot of snow, the road is ungritted and they couldn't even get near the road let alone deliver the freezer from the pavement to our door. My son suggested that maybe they were going to drop it in by helicopter.
The busses are off, the coop just a few yards down the road has had no deliveries for two days and it is still snowing. If Tesco manage this it must be that they employ the SAS to deliver their goods.
Well surprise surprise Tescos are not delivering freezer despite phone call last night. Has snowed some more and more threatened. Must be a record snow fall back to about 60s maybe even earlier. Nothing to put in freezer at moment as shops are not getting deliveries. May clear a bit tomorrow but have my doubts. It is going to play havoc with Christmas post this. Good job I have tinned stuff and a small freezer with some food. As long as we have power its not so bad. Christmas decorations are up so everything bright and cheerful. Running out of anything to put in my coffee.
I used to like the snow but now I hate it as I drive around a lot, ie to work or to see friends or go shopping and the snow can impede that.
While your up there knocking off the icicles of the nieghbours house, give the woodwork a bit of attention.>:D:2fun::2fun::2fun:

Oh yeah, tell them it's illegal to run rainwater into the soil vent pipe.:eek::2fun::2fun::2fun:
While your up there knocking off the icicles of the nieghbours house, give the woodwork a bit of attention.>:D:2fun::2fun::2fun:

Yeh, I think they have a problem, possibly why they have the icicles. The 'soil' pipe is from the guttering on an extension, not as you say the soil pipe.


But it runs into the vent pipe.:eek::eek:

Nice icicles though, only need some coloured lights on them and they'll look really cool.:)
A lot of snow has gone from trees and roofs but still on the ground, but wonder of wonders a JCB came and moved snow and was followed by a gritter so we may get some deliveries now. Sun is shining but still very cold.