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Its sometime...........


Active member
Laidley Heights Qld
Its been some time since I last posted or answered a thread but I have been sooooo busy with this and that.
Three snipits of interest.
(1) Found out the date and place of my parents marrage
(2) Found the date and place of birth of my father
(3) Now this one will get the blood running.
My wife, Pat and I do a "flea" market every sunday in a town 50Klms from where we live. 4 weeks ago I was doing a bit of this and that at the market when I saw a man walking past and I remarked to Pat that the chap looked a lot like my brother, who passed away 10years ago. The following week I looked out for this chap and when he walked by I stopped him and asked him if he was a Mitchell, my mothers birth surname, and he replied that he indeed was a Mitchell and his name was Ted, why who is asking. Well I'm your cousin, your father is my uncle Bob and I was evacuated to your fathers during the war. He wasn't to know this as at the time he was only a twinkle in his fathers eye, twice removed. Now isn't it a small world. The first question he asked me was did I know anything about our grandfather. I had very little information about grandfather apart from his name but that I was trying to gleem a few facts from the net but so far no luck, but am still trying.

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