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I've been weeding

I was going through my large box of family history papers and weeded out those not needed. You know, the ones that, "might end up on the tree" but don't" :D
I thought computers saved paper, I have just taken a giant black bag full of (mostly computer print outs) papers as a result of the foregoing to the recycle bin! Must be a whole oak tree in there! :2fun:
I "killed" 3 paper shredders in 12 months once because of those unwanted papers :rolleyes: Tho will admit im not sure if its because of the amount of papers or if i just bought lousy shredders :2fun::2fun:
I have a filing cabinet full of family history notes, hand written on pieces of paper, most of them not the least bit relevant to my tree, but treasures from 1980 to yesterday.
I just can't bring myself to shred them, just in case???
I always say I'm gunna toss them, but haven't yet.:confused:
My paper shredder had a hard life just shredding 20 year old tax papers and bills recently....I hoarded them too.:D