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Jacobs, Wilton, Wiltshire


New member
I dont know if anyone can help me here, I have hit a huge brick wall with this lot!! Jacobs is my Mums Dads side of the family and i am finding it hard to find any info on them, but as i am quiet new to this i think i am just looking in the wrong areas.
My Grandfather was Henry Charles Jacobs b 7/7/1899 Lambeth parents James Jacobs and Eliza Ann Allberry. James Jacobs my born 1864 London civil parish St George the Martyr Ecclessiatical Parish of St Michal reg district St Saviour, Southwark. James parents were Geroge Frederick Jacobs and Mary Ann Robertson Married 21.2.1860 St John the Baptist Shoreditch London. George was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, (or Surrey according to records) 1831. Mary Ann's parents i am lead to believe were Charles Robertson and Mary Ann Bant.
This is where i have got lost. This is the info i have on George's parents but not 100% sure if i have it correct and trying to work back from here.
Father Josiah b 1806 Kidderminster Mother Mary Ann b 1806 Kidderminster do not know here maiden name. Children of this marriage, George 1831, Anne 1841, Sophia 7/6/1829, Elias 1843, Jacob 1845, Mary 1851, Matilda 28/8/1836 Levi 1847, Marwell 1839, and have found Josiah's parents i think as William Jacobs and his mother Jane, I do not have any other info and being a bit thick i dont know where to look to find this info out and work backwards can anyone help me please to either confirm this or see if or tell me how i can work back from here please, i will appreciate any help or advice you could give me.
many thanks

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