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James BALOUR & Margaret BALD


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I have three possible margaret BALDs :rolleyes:

James BALFOUR - parents John & Margret
Married 9 Jul 1737 Torryburn
Margaret BALD - parents ?? Robert & Elizabeth or Robert & Margaret or Robert & Christian

Robert b. 1738
John b. 1740
James b. 1743
Bessy b. 1745
Margaret b. 1748
Marion b. 1750
Jean b. 1752
Christian b. 1754
William b. 1756
Thomas b. 1759
There is a tree with with Margaret Bald's parents: Robert Bald b. 1683 = Elizabeth (Bessy) Smytton b. 1680. There is also another child, David b. 1761.
Thanks Geoff.

They didn't follow the traditional naming pattern.

So far I've found only three possible Margarets for the 1737 marriage all with father = Robert.

I'm not worried too much about the fact some were born in Culross. I have later ones born there and married in Torryburn not far away. I am a bit worried that I can't find a marriage in the bride's parish, ie. Culross as well as the one in Torryburn.

So far I've only found the one marriage near Torryburn for a Margaret BALD/BAWD/BAULD/... so that means 2x Margaret died young or I'm missing marriages.
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This is one of my direct lines :biggrin: so I hope I get it right.

Christian seems to be too far down the list of children so I say it rules that one out.
The only BALFOUR line I've traced is Christian born 1754. Married William SANDS - parents James & Phyllis.

James - father's father - ok
Margaret - mother's mother - ok
Elizabeth - ?
Phyllis - father's mother
Christian - mother


This is a problem as well Geoff:

Robert Bald
birth: 26 Sep 1683
christening: 6 Oct 1683 Culross, Perth, Scotland
James Bald & Marion Blaw

Robert Bald
birth: 22 Sep 1683
christening: 6 Oct 1683 Culross, Perth, Scotland
Robert Bald & Katharen Shanks
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