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James Bennet Cutler Coalpit Lane Sheffield

I am trying to find out the details of James Bennet who was a friend of John Wesley and lived in Coalpit Lane. I think he is the James Bennet who was apprenticed to Edward Bennet in 1729 in Coalpit Lane though not sure if that is when he started or finished his apprenticeship. though it sounds right to be starting it at 12 years of age. He had a son called Edward too so the master he is apprenticed to may be his father or his Uncle. He seemed to own a smithy and a barn which he passed on to his son. Edward went to London to make his fortune and married a widow who made "portable soup" for the Navy. He came back with a method for refining sugar and became the 2nd largest refiner in the country. I can't find when either were baptised or when James was married or died. Edward married in 1756 in London and died in 1788. They were of course both non conformists and had links to the Upper Chapel.

Edward had a nephew called George who became a missionary to Fiji and there seems to be another relative called John who took on the sugar refinery after Edwards death, but eventually most of Edwards money went to George who used it to start a Sunday School league and to finance his missionary work.

So any help in filling the gaps re James Bennet I would be grateful. The story fully told about this family is fascinating.