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James Chapman LOVELY


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James Chapman LOVELY b. 22 Dec 1842 Hammersmith ?

- Parents William LOVELY & Eliza CHAPMAN married 1836 ?

Arrived in Australia. ???

J C married on 24 Jun 1871 in South Australia.



Is this your man?...seems to have forged a good career and there must be info on him.

Left blighty in 1864.....though he would have been 22 not 20 as they have said on the link.
Either that if he was twenty then he left in 1862 and not 1864!

Births Mar 1843
LOVELY James Chapman Kensington 3 264

I had found some stuff by searching but not that particular one that gives his arrival in South Australia so thanks for that.

No sign of him on the arrivals:

Im still trying to find his actual arrival but in the mean time i found this.
You might already have seen it.


There is also a online open file for him to do with Northern Territory Pastoral Applications (Pastoral Claims). It dont have any info that can help with is actual arrival tho :2fun::2fun:

Title James Chapman LOVELY
Contents date range 1888 - 1895
Accumulation start date 12 Sep 1864
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Thanks gibbo. :)

That's one I didn't have. I have a lot of stuff about his work in South Australia. One source says he arrived 1864. As Lee says, it's either 1862 or 1864.