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James Donovan sought

If at all possible I am seeking information about James Donovan born circa 1851-1856. I know very litttle about him at present except that on the 1891 and 1911 census his birthplace states he was born Hadleigh Suffolk. I would like to know if there is any entry for any possible match.

With thanks


I've been going round in circles with this one, nothing in 1861 for Donovan Suffolk. The only Donovans living in Suffolk prior to 1861 was on the 1851 census the head of household was in the coast guards, couldnt trace them in 1861, (there are a few after 1861) Have looked under Hines/Donovan/O'Donovan in case the O had been dropped. Will still keep looking, may have found Mary Ann in 1861/71.
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Thank you Julie,
This family is indeed a difficult one to unravel. Although the given birthplace for James Snr was Suffolk,family are sure he was actually Irish as stated later. I think there was an error with the Suffolk bit but thought I would ask anyway.
I am sure I have the correct family as the daughter on the 1891 and 1901 census ,Alice Maud / Maud was my grandmother and I have her baptism record and all the children are correct although first and second names interchange as with Alice.
Hnes -Donovan. was only used for the childrens baptisms and they were always refered to as Donovan within the family with no mention of Hines.
I havnt found a marriage for this couple or the birth of their first son also James.

Ps what did you find for Donovans after 1861 and before 1891