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Hi everyone,
Im Jo and I am researching my sons gt uncle on their dads side
His name was James(Jimmy) Drake
born 1st August 1916 Cumberia
he enlisted (Army) and all we know he was a POW and worked on the Burmese railway.
He survived. Unsure if he was married or ever did after the war
His dad was also in WW1 and delivered mail in the Army.
his name was also James Drake from Cumberia
Thats all I know
I have searched on all the sites I have come across, if anyone outthere know of a site I can look into be awesome
thanks heaps from Aussie

Jo Rose (descendant of the Rose family that came out on the Bellona in the 1700's as free settlers just in case someone outthere is a Rose :) )
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Not much to work with but members here will have a look.

I can't find a birth in 1916 in Cumbria for a James Drake.

Births Sep Qtr 1916
Drake James - Fitzsimmons - Whitehaven 10b 1278

Marriages Dec Qtr 1903
DRAKE James Whitehaven 10b 1151
Fitzsimons Annie Eliza Whitehaven 10b 1151
FITZSIMONS Annie Eluza Whitehaven 10b 1151
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There are 2 James Drake‘s in Cleator, Whitehaven, Cumberland. The elder born 1869 the younger 1916. You will need to buy credits to view the image, as this is the newly released 1921 census.
wow... yes to the Ann Elizabeth Fitzsimmons & James Drake snr
they had twins
Winifred Drake She married Thomas Burns (ex husbaned parents)
James or Jimmy Drake b 1916 he was the one on the Burmese railway.

Not cheap but at least you don't have to take out a subscription. Create a free account, search and decide to pay for what you want.
Registration Date: Jul 1916
[Aug 1916]
[Sep 1916] Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-SepRegistration District: WhitehavenInferred County: CumbriaMother's Maiden Name: FitzsimmonsVolume Number: 10bPage Number: 1278
If Rodgers is correct then at the moment I can't find the marriage.

Not easy finding the right Drake family in the census.
what does this mean 10b 589 mmn ? on Dave Hamms message?
I agree so many James Drake's on some sites I looked at ..hence why I am asking.
You are all blowing me out with the info you have found so far... just amazing.
Possible brother and sister.

DRAKE, THOMAS - mmn = mother's maiden name RODGERS
GRO Reference: 1871 D Quarter in WHITEHAVEN Volume 10B Page 572 Occasional Copy: A

DRAKE, ELLEN - ROGERS * can't tell yet if Rodgers or Rogers is correct
GRO Reference: 1867 D Quarter in WHITEHAVEN Volume 10B Page 553

10b = Volume and 589 = page

A free site.

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Lots to look at in morning. (Im off to bed so apologies if I dont reply until tomorrow)

this is exciting..... I have looked everywhere for his WW1 enlistment papers to no avil.
everyone have a great day in your part of the world
hi everyone apologies for long delay..... internet NBN was down sicne last time i was on here...

thanks for all of your input..a bit to read