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Qld. births:
1859/B00923 Howitt Annie Charleson - James - Annie Charleson
1861/BA0555 Howitt John Charleson - James - Annie Charleson
1866/B04754 Howitt George Hamilton - James - Annie Charleson
1868/B08312 Howitt Ellen Margaret - James - Annie Campbell Charleson

1883/B15829 Howitt Annie - Daniel Charleson - Annie Margaret
1885/B17739 Howitt James - John Howitt - Ellen

Looking for the marriage of James & Annie.

It's looking like Scotland to me but I can't see it on SP or FS.


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Seems they were both born in Scotland. Now it turns into a migration search. :)

The year is 1858.

Helps for a rough birth year for Annie [around 1838]

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Wednesday 15 August 1883
HOWITT.-On the 11th August, at her residence, Grey-street, South Brisbane, Annie Charleson, the beloved wife of James Howitt, aged 45 years.
Thanks gibbo. :)

A tree has:

1838 Thurso, Caithness, Scotland

Don't know yet but it might be a calculation from age at death.
I can't see Annie and parents in 1841.

Father Daniel died in Qld.

I have them now:

Piece: SCT1841/622 Place: Barony -Lanarkshire Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Barony Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Milton
Folio: 216 Page: 24
Address: William Street
Surname First name(s) *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
CHARLESON Daniel M 30 Mason Journeyman Outside Census County (1841)
CHARLESON Margt F 25 Outside Census County (1841)
CHARLESON Ann F 6 Outside Census County (1841)
Page: 216/25
CHARLESON John M 3 Lanarkshire
SINCLAIR John M 30 Mason Journeyman Outside Census County (1841)

I'm probably right in thinking 1838 came from age at death not from census or baptism record.
Piece: SCT1851/692 Place: South Leith -Midlothian Enumeration District: 9
Civil Parish: South Leith Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: South Leith
Folio: 747 Page: 5 Schedule: 17
Address: Merrilees Close
Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
CHARLESON Daniel Head M M 41 Mason Caithness - Halkirk
CHARLESON Margaret Wife M F 39 Caithness - Thurso
CHARLESON Ann Dau U F 16 Dressmaker Caithness - Thurso
CHARLESON John Son - M 3 Midlothian - Edinburgh

They can't be in the 1861 census. :D
Thanks gibbo. :)

They took over 7 months to register it.

1859/C0179 Howatt James Charleston Annie ** 1 May 1858
I can't find James in 1841 census or the marriage of his parents John HOWITT & Ellen DAVIDSON.
Hi Dave

Something to ponder:

John Howatt
Spouse's Name: Helen Davidson
Event Date: 25 Nov 1831
Event Place: Govan, Lanark, Scotland
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M11646-5
System Origin: Scotland-ODM
GS Film number: 1066592

Civil Parish: Govan
County: Lanarkshire
Address: No 18 Up Fl West
ED: 3; Page: 24; Line: 565; Year: 1841

John Howat 35 [Cot H W]
Helen Howat 35
James Howat 9
Jane Howat 6
George Howat 3
David Howat 1
John Mcnair 11 [Cott H W Ap.]
All b. Lanarkshire except Helen b. Scotland

This looks like James' family in 1851 (no James or mother though) with an aunt, (father's sister), still unclear if it is the correct family though :rolleyes:

Euphemia Howat
Born abt 1810 Govan, Lanark

Civil Parish: Govan
Town: Govan
County: Lanarkshire
Address: Midd
ED: 1

Euphemia Howat 41
Jane Dunn 12 [dau, b. Govan]
Elizabeth Howat 44 [Sister]
John Howat 42 [brother]
Jane Howat 16 [niece]
George Howat 14 [nephew]
David Howat 11 [nephew]

Thanks Geoff.

You are probably right with :confused: I'm not really sure.

Maybe you'd prefer a convict. :biggrin:

Please have a look at SKULTHORP on Australian board.
I can't find that 1851 census on FreeCEN. About 83% coverage of Lanarkshire.

The trees are no help. They have no siblings for James and no death for John or Helen.
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