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James REID 60th Royal American Regiment


Hi, I'm not really sure where to start but I am looking for information on a James REID who, according to his wife Sarah's death record, was a Shoemaker and also in the 60th Royal American Regiment.
Sarah, was Sarah CROWEL/CROWELL/CROAL born 1775 Nova Scotia to William and Mary CROWELL nee Westcott. This family had been living in Nova Scotia, Massachusetts etc for generations.
Sarah must have travelled to Scotland as next I find her is with the birth of a daughter Margaret REID in 1813 Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland. She had another daughter Elizabeth b.1807 Scotland (can't find her birth) but on Eliz's death her parents are named as James & Sarah Reid, nee Crowell.
Then there is a big gap until 1841 when Sarah REED is on her own and a Stocking Knitter in Newmilns, Ayrshire.
Then in 1851 Sarah CROWEL is 82, a Pauper born Nova Scotia.
When Sarah dies in 1858, it is noted she is the Widow of James REID, Shoemaker afterwards Private of the 60th Royal American Regiment. Sarah's son -in-law James HOWIE was present at Sarah's death. James HOWIE was the husband of Sarah & James REID's daughter Elizabeth. Whether James HOWIE would have known James REID or just been told about him I'm not sure.
I can find an 1818 death for a James REID, shoemaker of Newmilns but no further info.
Interestingly, in 1816, Sarah had a daughter Agnes with a James LAWSON. This seems to indicate James REID was not in the picture at this time.

So can I find anything further on James REID, Shoemaker and Private in the 60th Royal American Regiment. I'm guessing he may have been in Nova Scotia around 1800 and met Sarah CROWEL then? How did she get from Nova Scotia to Scotland, on her own, with James?

I have no birth, marriage or definite death date for JAMES REID other than what i have outlined re Military and on death records for his wife. I have checked Scotland's People, Ancestry.com and Family Search.

I have dna matches to the CROWELL and WESTCOTT families in Nova Scotia and to Sarah's daughters Margaret and Agnes. but nothing on the REID side other than relatives in Australia. I have all I need in Australia.

Appreciate if anyone knows any Military Records or Migration Records that may help............thanks, Sashar
I doubt there are any passenger lists to Scotland round those years.

I can find no military record but other members here have access to more resources.

Thanks Dave, I should say that i have checked out a James REID b.1775 Avondale, weaver, who served as a Private, May 1794 to Sept 1818 in the K.O. Dragoons and he is not the James REID i am looking for............Sashar
The first Highlanders to come to Nova Scotia arrived on the Ship Hector at Pictou in 1773. Through the years, up to and especially during the Highland Clearances, shipload after shipload of Highland emigrants crossed the difficult seas to Nova Scotia. The main ports of entry was Pictou, followed by Sydney, Halifax and others. Pictou became rightly known as the Birthplace of New Scotland


Hi Ellie7 and thanks for your posts.

The CROWEL side of this family were from Norfolk, England and settled in Massachusetts in the 1600's. By the mid 1700's the branch i am following was in Nova Scotia. I should have explained that better.
I'm really not sure if James REID was born Nova Scotia, USA or Scotland but I'm guessing he was in Nova Scotia around 1800. As Sarah CROWEL was born 1775 Nova Scotia she would have had to be at least 14yrs old to be with James. That makes it around 1789 -1806 they would have met. They had a daughter in Scotland in 1807.
The American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 that doesn't seem to fit the right time frame.
I've also tried googling the 60th Royal American Regiment which to me doesn't seem to fit date wise either.
I'm beginning to wonder if the wrong information regarding the Regiment was put on Sarah's death record.

I've also since found a LOUDOUN Ayrshire death register which has the James REID, shoemaker that died 1818. It also mentions an Elisabeth REID who died 1820 and was the widow of James REID, shoemaker. They married in 1778 in Scotland so i think that eliminates that James REID as being the one I am trying to find.

As I have other relatives that migrated from Scotland to Canada I think the links you have given will be beneficial in tracing them too.
Thankyou, Sashar