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James Saunders - Death 1926 - Birmingham

Hey all,

I am trying to find out as many details as I can ref my great grand father James Thomas Luke Saunders - I believe I have found his death using ancestry which shows Sept 1926 in Birmingham however where do I find his final resting place.

Tried using various deceased websites however non have the death listed.

Also - there is a little bit of a difference between the age shown on his marriage certificate and the one of the death entry however I believe that was purely down to someone telling a bit of a white lie ref their age.

Can someone help me and point me in the right direction please?

Many Thanks

Hi Scott He was 21 when he married in 1897 May 23rd to Sarah Ann Shute.
In 1911 he is 33. Birth year is 1878.
Sorry I cannot find his resting place but wish you good luck with your search. Oznannie
Relatives sometimes have memorial cards, which were produced as a keep sake for those attending the funeral. It's possible that a living relative has one of these in their possession.
If you have any old documentation, it may be worth rifling through it to see if you have any of these in your possession. Usually it contains the name of the person, their date of death and where they are buried, some even have the plot recorded on them. I have some of these, some of the names didn't mean anything, but with research I now know who they are.

Hope this is of some help

Thanks all - seems my family is full of secrets and its very difficult to get any information out of my father..the phrase "blood from stone" springs to mind.

I am going to see where his death was registered and try and contact the local churches etc to see if they have any help to give.

great interaction on this forum by the way :)