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James Thomas Saunders B1872

Hi all,

I have been doing some research on my family and the above person had been a bit of a mystery to me mainly because other than knowing his name, I really did start off by knowing absolutely nothing about him. After using my rather expensive Ancestry subscription, I have been piecing together details of him but there are still a few gaps and I wanted to run it past the experts here to see if I can firstly get any help, but also confirm that I have the right person.

James Thomas Luke Saunders was my paternal great grandfather and appears to have been born in Bedmister is 1872 and died in Birmingham on the 24/09/1926 of TB at the city Sanatorium in Birmingham.

I also have his marriage certificate which shows he married Sarah Ann Shute in Bham at the age of 21 (23/05/1897) along with his details which all track and match from the 1901 and 1911 Census.

The problems I have are firstly with his age. The death certificate shows he was 54 when he died which also supports the birth entry that I have found from 1872 however he claimed he was 21 in 1897 which would have put his year of being as being 1876. This error in his age continues thought the census however appears to be corrected on his death certificate. Am I missing something here?

Also he had middle name of "Luke" which was not on his death certificate but present of his marriage certificate and his oldest sons marriage certificate. Could this support that he may have been baptised and if so, where would I need to look to find the record.

The death certificate I have found is the right person as it has a key address on it which is also one some other documents i have relating to the Saunders family in Birmingham.

Any anyone offer me some advise on where else I might need to search, clues I may have missed or any reason for the misleading DOB please ?



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