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James Walker. b.1810. Princes Risborough, Bucks.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I've been looking for this chap, all day and before. No burial nor death in, or around Princes Risborough. Nor any Census, that would fit.
His wife, remarried in 1857. I can only guess he was considered deceased, after all the time passed.
Wife down as widow, in the 1851 Census.

St Mary's, Princes Risborough Baptism - 29 Jul 1810. James born 6 Mar 1810, son of James & Elizabeth WALKER of Longwick, Labourer.

James Walker.
Age - 31.
Estimated Birth Year - 1810
Date of Trial - 05/04/1841
Trial Year 1841
Location of Trial - Buckinghamshire England. (I would assume, Aylesbury Assizes).
Sentence - Transportation, 10 years for sheep stealing.

I have no idea what ship, or if/when he arrived at his destination, nor where he sailed from, or if he died beforehand.

My instinct is he was sent to Australia.:rolleyes::biggrin:

Any other clues to be found.....anywhere.:confused:

I'll have a look Steve. May take a while.

Walker 430 convicts

1841 is quite late.

Can't see any around that date. One arrived later but tried at Lincoln QS.

James Walker, one of 400 convicts transported on the Tortoise, 28 September 1841.
Great Britain. Home Office.
State Library of Queensland.
Walker, James
Tortoise (Ship)
Convicts -- Australia -- Registers
Australia -- Genealogy
Canberra A.C.T. : Australian Joint Copying Project
Is Part Of
Criminal : Convict transportation registers [HO 11]
Additional format
The index records for the British Convict Transportation Registers are available as an open data set at https://data.gov.au/dataset/british-convict-transportation-registers
Sentence details: Convicted at Buckingham, Aylesbury Quarter Sessions for a term of 10 years on 05 April 1841.
Vessel: Tortoise.
Date of Departure: 28 September 1841.
Place of Arrival: Van Diemen's Land.
Source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 91, Class and Piece Number HO11/12, Page Number 380
Other title(s)
British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database.
Convict transportation registers.
Original version
This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP).
More title information - other title(s)
Walker, James
Record number

http://onesearch.slq.qld.gov.au/pri...d&query=any,contains,walker james&sortby=rank
You are in luck Steve.

Not just that there is a transportation record but that he was sent to VDL.

Should be able to get the Ident and Conduct records with details of parents and siblings, etc...

That's curious. There is a site that lists all convict ships and the 'Tortoise' is not on it.

Walker, James
Record Type:
Departure date:
26 Oct 1841
Departure port:
Voyage number:
Index number:
Record ID:
Appropriation List:

Conduct Record:

Description List:

CON18/1/30 Page 384


4 images to find.

He is #4 on this list if the link works

https://talis.ent.sirsidynix.net.au...1824-1847&qf=PUBDATE Year 1838-1841 1838-1841

You may need some help as the links take you to the digital copy of the volume not to the actual record. So the right convict has to be found within the volume which contains more than one vessel.
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eg. Ident Record.

Description: Tortoise HMS 19 Feb 1842, Somersetshire 13 May 1842, Surrey 11 Aug 1842
Further Description:
Arranged by the first letter of the convict's surname within the list for the ship on which they arrived

Lucky it's the first ship in the volume. So search for the first change from Z to A , ie. end of 'Tortoise' then search back for the right Walker.

I'll be back later.


Images 138 & 139

Married with 5 children.

Labourer. Native place White Leaf.

Remarks hard to understand but it has M = Mother = Mary. Then it has M = Married ? Fanny ?

Then 3B 3S = 3 Brothers and 3 Sisters.

It would usually start with F [= Father] so take it that he is deceased.
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No Steve.

The one you have is the 2nd on the list - the Conduct record.

That's the only one of the four that links directly to the convict.

There are links to 4 volumes.

I've only looked at the Ident one so far.

When you get to #4 on the list you will see links to 4 volumes.

I've now found the image # for the others.

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Description List:

CON18/1/30 Page 384

Image 196 scroll to the bottom of the right hand page.

Images 138 & 139

Married with 5 children.

Labourer. Native place White Leaf.

Remarks hard to understand but it has M = Mother = Mary. Then it has M = Married ? Fanny ?

Then 3B 3S = 3 Brothers and 3 Sisters.

It would usually start with F [= Father] so take it that he is deceased.

5 children is about right, Ann, Elizabeth, William, George. I haven't found the 5th one, as yet. But I think it's Thomas.(80% sure).

I would think the Fanny in wifes name is Ann. Mary Ann Lacey.

Whiteleaf, is around half a mile from Parkfields(in the 1841 Census), and Longwick, is about 1.5 miles.....ish.!
The Remarks column on that Ident Record is never easy to read.

The usual format from one of my convicts.

Remarks: F. Jas. M. Anne B. Jas. John Wm. S. Elizh. WP

F = Father
M = Mother
B = Brothers in order
S = Sisters in order

Don't know what WP is.

Stealing one sheep p = property Mr James Gray
and for 3 sacks - dischd.
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Actually, I don't think that column usually mentions name of wife.

It looks like M Mary - M Fanny 3B
James Gray. Buckingham Assizes. Aylesbury.

Name - James Gray
Age 17
Estimated Birth Year 1822
Date of Trial 02/07/1839
Trial Year 1839
Location of Trial Buckinghamshire England
Sentence Imprisonment. 3 months and whipped.

Name - James Gray
Date of Trial 01/01/1855
Trial Year 1855
Location of Trial Buckinghamshire England
Sentence Acquittal

James Gray, b1822, Princes Risborough, Bucks. Wheelright.

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