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James Whitehead 1764

Hi all,
I am hoping someone can help me as I have hit a big brick wall and cannot see a way past it. I have posted this on other forums previously but no one has had a solution yet so I apologise if you have read this somewhere else.
I am trying to find out where my ancestor James Whitehead came from.
I know from his burial records that he was born about 1764 but I don't know where from. He lived in St Pancras/St Marylebone. He was married to Ellen or Ellenor and they had 5 children - Edward (1792 ), John (1795) , Thomas (1798 ), Henry (1804 ) and James (birth date unknown).
I have his will which states that he was a stone mason in St Pancras with his brothers William and John. I have found records for William and believe he was born about 1770. I have found no records for John and only know of his existence from the will.
I have looked up numerous birth records for James but none of them quite match as they don't seem to have William and John as brothers or if they do they are the wrong age or die early on.
I can't find a marriage record for James and Ellen so I don't know her maiden name. I did find a couple in Wigan, Lancashire but they ended up being much older than him.
If anyone could help me I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you
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