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James wild(wilde) born Nov 1828 rochdale

Chris Godfrey

Well-known member
Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me find some information on my 4th great grandfather. He was married to a Sarah Sutcliffe on the 9th may 1847. Up until 1871 he lived and worked in wardle, Rochdale. Now someone found some information for me saying he live in Leith midlothian up until around 1879. I cannot find that link anywhere and all I am finding is evidence he stayed in Rochdale. They also found evidence that sarah was also with him and they had a child there before coming back down to Rochdale Lancashire. Can anyone else find this and be able to shed some light on this for me. Thank you in advance for any help
Can you give me more information Chris. Where are they in 1881? What did he do for a living. I found one with a Sarah who was a boot and shoe maker, is that him. What children do you have and have you checked they were all born in Rochdale?

I will look again once I have more info but the only Wilde born in Leith in that period was to a totally different James and his wife Marion.

Hi Barbara. Thank you for your response. So what I have is this:
1881 he supposedly in Leith midolothian. For all of his working life he worked as a cotton overlooker. In Leith he is supposedly a cotton spinner. He then is thought to come back to stockport in 1901 where he is a cotton doubler at age 70!?. Children he had were named: William, Richard, Emma, Charlotte Ann, Richard, Amelia and James, Selina and Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah Elizabeth is supposedly have been born in Leith/inversek midolaothian everyone else was born in Rochdale
James and Marion married in 1871 in Bolton England if that helps at all. I will look for them in Scotland in 1881
This James is in Leith in 1881 with wife Marion born Musselburgh and a child born 1880 Mary Ann Wylie. James is a cotton spinner born Rochdale 1828.
so he is the one having a Jane in 1878 but is it your James? Have you found him in a later census and if so where?
He appears on the 1901 census in stockport aged 70. He is recorded as being a cotton Doubler. According to the search I had done james and Marion had 4 children. Mary Ann, Eliza, Richard and Agnes. They are believed to have been born in stockport between 1879 and 1889. That just doesn't sit well with me as he he would have been in his 60's having children. That's not normal for that time period is it?
I see him in Stockport still with Marion born Scotland and Eliza, Richard and Agnes all born Stockport in the 1880s. Not the children you mention but would be from his second marriage or is this a totally different James?
Those children are what he had with marion in his second marriage so it seems you have found the same information which is terrific. Why on earth did he got to Scotland
Mary Ann was born in Scotland and his wife was a lot younger than him so fairly normal.
I think you need to check he is not a different James by getting the marriage certificate and checking if he is a widower None of the children from the first marriage are with him in his second marriage although I have not found him in 1891 yet. Jane born 1878 possibly died. Will check that for you
If Marion was from Scotland herself it is quite possible she wanted to go home and he would get work in any spinning mill.
They were in Scotland from 18th july 1870. Interestingly Sarah Sutcliffe was also in Scotland potentially with him. She was on an earlier census 2and april 1871. In 1881 she is back in Wardle Lancashire. In 1881 james is still in scotland
Yes but they married in Bolton they said on Jane's birth certificate. The date is there too if you need it. Sarah has to have died?
If she didn't die are you sure there are not two James? No wonder you are confused with all this but there will be a way to solve but really think it is Marion and his marriage certificate that will do it. Can you let me know where Sarah is in 1871 please, do you have the census? As James and Marion married in Feb of 1871 so before the census.
If you send me your email in a private message I can snd you the birth certificates for Jane and Mary Ann. They have different dates for the marriage of the parents but Jane's has James' signature on it so may help you if you have his signature anywhere else. Looking at the moment that he has left Sarah and set up house with Marion but did not marry her.