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James Woods/Alice Halewood


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James Woods married Alice Halewood on 1st June 1792 in Prescot, Lancs. He was a labourer and both were from Sutton near St Helns. According to Lancs OPC their first 4 children were baptised at Prescot, all entries giving his occupation as a labourer and abode as Sutton, The next 7 children were baptised at New Chapel, Baldwin Street, St Helens.

Looking for births for James and Alice I am spoilt for choice as, particularly in the case of James, there are several possibilities. I am fairly sure that Alice is the illegitimate daughter of Mary Halewood born 1775 in St Helens, but I'm stumped by James.

I was hoping to either find them in the Censuses to try and pin point a possible year of birth or to find their deaths in the hope that age at death was given. I can't find them in the Censuses nor can I find their deaths. I'm now hoping that someone will have better luck and find something.


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