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Jameson family Cumberland.


Loyal Member
Not quite sure what category this should go under.

I have an Alexander Jameson marrying Mary Ponsonby in 1742 in St Bees. Mary was baptised 1717 in St Bees.

fs has the following baptisms for Jameson children

William baptised 1751 St Bees father Alexander
Eleanor baptised 1753 St Bees afther Alexander
William baptised 1755 St Bees father Alexander

Alexander baptised 1748 Holy Trinity Whitehaven father Alexander
Mary baptised 1749 Holy Trinity Whitehaven parents Alexander and Mary
John baptised 1751 Holy Trinity Whitehaven parents Alexander and Mary
John baptised 1756 Holy Trinity Whitehaven parents Alexander and Mary
Jane baptised 1758 Holy Trinity Whitehaven parents Alexander and Mary

It would appear that Mary died of fever in 1758 aged 44 which gives yob of 1714 so I am guessing that this is the Mary Ponsonby who married Alexander in 1742.

There is also a burial of an Alexander Jameson in 1780 aged 80 so again at a push this could be her husband although there is an age gap of 14 plus years.

In 1759 there is an Alexander Jameson marrying an Eleanor Passible so I guess that was my Alexander. After all he'd need someone to look after all those children.

Am I right in saying that there are two Alexander Jameson families - one in St Bees with three baptisms and one in Whitehaven with 5 baptisms. I'd be tempted to say it was all one big happy family except for the fact that there were two children baptised on different dates and different churches in 1751.

If it is two different families can anyone find a marriage for the Alexander who baptised his children in St Bees.



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