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Jane Millers

Just discovered a a George Miller MMN Wellard born March Qtr 1847 Wycombe V6 p.459

Looks like this would be Jesse's brother. I couldn't find any others up to 1862 with phonetic search on Miller/Wellard.

Have you come across the James Millards/Mary Wellard marriage? Do you have more details e.g. father's names?

There is a Millard family from Berkshire that I have been chasing too...
There is a Millard in Princes Risborough in the 1831 census (no christian name). A Jabez Millard of Princes Risborough, widower, marries a Mary Matthews in Great Missended in 1820. This Millard was from Berkshire and some of his children with Ann Puddifant are found in non-conformist records. Jabez is mentioned in the will of James Puddifant and Sarah Puddifant of Great Marlow.
To be honest, I got so fed up chasing everyone else down and gave up once I found Jane Miller/Burroughs baptism and birth cert.

I have a look every now and then, and when you replied to this thread it reignited the search for this confusing family.

Yes, same! My Mary Millard is a longstanding brick wall - she was Mary Miller for quite some time before I found the alternative name. I'm coming up with a few possible avenues to search today though... I posted this exact same issue in a group today.

Just had this reply:

I did notice that there seems to be some variance between Millard and Miller and wondered whether the following might be a baptism for John.

John Miller baptised 1805, Saunderton parents John and Elizabeth. (link to FMP)

Possible marriage of parents: John Miller / Elizabeth Howard, 1805, Princes Risborough. (link to FMP)

I don't have any further details as I don't have a FMP subscription.
Yes, I have the John Miller baptism and parents.

14 Mar 1805 • Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
by Licence.
John X MILLER of Saunderton, Elizabeth X HOWARD otp.
Witnesses - John Russell & Thomas Ayres.

3 Nov 1805 • Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, England
parents Elizabeth and John.
20 May 1783 • Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
by Banns. William X HOWARD otp. Mary X STONE otp. Witnesses - Francis Stone & Thomas Ayres.

30 Jun 1837 • Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
Elizabeth born 23 Feb 1787, daughter of William & Mary HOWARD of Loosley Row, Husbandman.

30 Jun 1837 • Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
Deborah born 25 May 1784 daughter of William & Mary HOWARD of Loosley Row, Husbandman.

30 Jun 1837 • Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
Stone, born 10 Jan 1794, son of William & Mary HOWARD of Loosley Row, Husbandman

1841 census.

Name: Stone Howard
Age: 45
Estimated birth year: abt 1796
Gender: Male
Where born: Buckinghamshire, England
Civil Parish: Princes Risborough (Loosely Row)
Hundred: Aylesbury
County/Island: Buckinghamshire
Country: England
Street address:
View image
Registration district: Wycombe
Sub-registration district: Princes Risborough
Neighbors: View others on page
Piece: 42
Book: 14
Folio: 7
Page Number: 8
Household Members:
Name Age
Stone Howard 45
Debrral Howard 55
Elizabeth Barrow* 50. Lace Maker. (Burrows*.....Mrs .Miller.?.. ).???
Some further information:

Jane Millers married James Gomme in Bledlow - 5 Dec 1836

1841: Princes Risborough

James Gomm 28 born Buckinghamshire
Jane Gomm 26 born Buckinghamshire
Emely [Emily] Gomm 1 born Buckinghamshire
John Burroughs 60 born Buckinghamshire
Ruth Burroughs 19 born Buckinghamshire
Jesse Burroughs 14 born Buckinghamshire


James Gomme b.1815 Saunderton
Jane Gomme b.1818 Princes Risborough
Emily b.1840
John b.1843
George b.1856
Sarah b.1851

It looks like we are both on the right track - and further mention of Burroughs!
OK... Looking through the GRO indexes I found the following under Wycombe:

Mary Gomme MMN Millard b.1839
Emily Gomme MMN Millards b.1840
John Gomme MMN Miller b.1842
I searched for George Gomme and ANY Gomm/Gomme with Miller/Millard(s) combinations but found nothing.
Sarah Gomm MMN Miller b.1850
It looks as if the Ruth Borroughs from the 1841 census above was baptised at Bradenham
23 June 1838 Ruth BOROUGH aged 17 of Bradenham

Sadly no parents names but it seems probably it was John and her brother was Jesse. It also points out the possible lack of baptisms for the children.
Bledlow - Marriage.
James Gomme of this parish. widower, and Jane Millars of this parish spinster by banns 5 Dec 1836. In presence of Stephen Gomme, Elizabeth Gomme, and John Clarke.
I think I've untangled this family somewhat but the Miller/Millard/Burrows/Burroughs name change is very mysterious... they also don't seem to be in the parish records very much so maybe there's some reason for that... non-conformist perhaps. Lots of this is fairly speculative but it all seems to be plausible.

John Miller of Saunderton married Elizabeth Howard of Princes Risborough - 14 Mar 1805 in Princes Risborough

John Miller/Burrows
John Miller b.1781 (1841C) b.1779 (1851C) in Saunderton (possible death John Borroughs, 1854 registered Wycombe age 81 but that makes date of birth c.1773)
There is a John Burroughs in the 1798 Posse Comitatus in Saunderton but now sign of Miller anywhere is the local parishes.

Elizabeth Howard
b.23 Feb 1787 bap.30 Jun 1837 in Princes Risborough daughter of William Howard and Mary Stone
1841: Seems to be living with siblings Stone Howard and Deborah Howard
Possible death: Elizabeth Burrows registered Wycombe 1849 aged 64 making her born c.1785 which is fairly close.


John Miller/Millard/Burrows/Burroughs b.1805 bap.3 Nov 1805 in Saunderton son of John and Elizabeth Miller
m. Esther Blick (no marriage record found)

Mary Miller/Millard b.1808 (Miller on marriage entry Millard on birth entry in 1838) d.1838 age 30. Married Henry Brooks. It seems likely from John b.1805 also living in Bledlow and the Millard connection that she is also a daughter of John/Elizabeth Miller/Burrows.

James Burrows b.1814 in Saunderton m.1853 to Eliza Bailey

Jane Millers/Millard b.1818 in princes Risborough (Millers on marriage entry and Millard/Millards on two birth entries) m.1836 to James Gomme.

Ruth Burrows b.1821 - on 1841 census with John Snr and Jesse - baptism in 1838 aged 17 at Bradenham name spelt BOROUGH (pointing to the family possibly not baptising in the parish church). I haven't located her post 1841 yet.

William Burrows b.1824 in Princes Risborough - m.1851 to Elizabeth Bearfoot (shown as brother of James in 1841 Census)

Jesse Burrows b.1827 in Saunderton/Princes Risborough m.1850 to Mary Burton and then in 1871 in Hackney to Emma Bearfoot - father listed as John Burrows.

I see this is not your direct line although I know we are connected on a number of other lines.

I'm going to see if the DNA results I have might connect to these families as another way of trying to prove the theory.