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Jane Seager's birth - thoughts please

I have something of a problem with the birth of Jane Seager.

In 1778 I have Aaron Bach, born Oldswinford, Worcs 1748, marrying a Jane Seager in London.
They have the following children in Stepney
Benjamin (Aaron's father was a Benjamin)
Ann (Aaron's mother was an Ann)
Mary Ann

At some point after 1791 Aaron dies. I can't find a death for him but between son Aaron being born in Stepney in 1791 and getting married in 1812 in St Helens Lancs the family move from London to St Helens in Lancashire. I have found marriages for his brothers in the St Helens area. I also have a death for mother Jane in St Helens in 1830 aged 75. This gives her a birth year of circa 1755.

I cannot find a Jane Seager born around that time in London but I can find one born in Oldswinford. In fact I can find two, both baptised 1756. One has parents Edward and Ann, the other has parents Joseph and Mary.

Based on the fact that Aaron and Jane named a son Joseph and a daughter Mary Ann I am leaning towards my Jane being the daughter of Joseph and Mary. Thoughts please.

I then have another problem. I can only find the one child, Jane, baptised Oldswinford to Joseph and Mary. I can, however find a whole family with parents Joseph and Mary being baptised a few miles up the road in Kingswinford, Staffs, along with a marriage for Joseph and Mary and guess what, Mary came from Oldswinford. Do you think it possible that the Jane baptised Oldswinford belongs to the same family as those baptised Kingswinford. I'm getting very confused and I should think you all are by now as well.

I would appreciate any thoughts about this conundrum.

That age pld problem MLT, isn't it.

It all adds up, but as they were married in London, and dodge back to Cheshire, the possibilty that Aaron could have died anywhere between London & 'back home' in Cheshire......but what you've found seems ok to me.

As we know......baptisms aren't a year of birth, so I thnk you're right.:)

Possibly a heavy pencilling in, instead of ink at the moment.;)

Thanks Steve. Good to know that my thought process makes sense to someone else. I keep telling my self "Do not presume just because the facts seem to fit"

I'm happy with the idea that Jane is the daughter of Joseph and Mary and was baptised Oldswinford but do I have the right Joseph and Mary seeing that all their other children, both before and after Jane, were baptised Kingswinford. The fact that mother Mary came from Oldswinford adds some weight - could have been visiting/looking after parents and had Jane baptised at the same time. Guess I'll never know. Like you say I'll pencil them in as 'possible'.

One of my Bucks Ives family married in London, had children in London, but they were baptised in Amersham, Bucks.

I found the baptisms first, and assumed they were born in Amersham, but when searched for in the 1841 Census, none came up. Only when I realised they were all born London.......it all fell into place. Only then, did I find the parents marriage in London.:rolleyes:

Aaron Bach and Jane Seager married 18 January 1778 at St Katherine Kree, London. I think the marriage may well be on Anc but I can't access it to see if there are any further details given as to where they are from. I doubt it very much.

I cannot find a baptism for a Jane Seager in London in the right time frame. There is one in Winchelsea Sussex but I can find a marriage in Winchelsea which is probably the same Jane. Consequently the fact that Aaron was born Oldswinford and the only other births I can find for Jane happen to both be in Oldswinford is very compelling.

No Subs left for Anc., so I can't really help.

No doubt someone will 'come to the rescue'.:)

Whoever said, that our relatives never moved far from home. Delusional I think.:2fun:
Thanks for the thought. As for ancestors never moving, mine seem to have shifted all over the place. Not, I might add, as the result of doing moonlight flits - at least I hope not.

Not a lot else, Em'..

This is the from transcription..

London, C of E Marriages and Banns, 1754-1931
Aaron Bach
Record Type: Banns (Bann)
Marriage Banns Date: 18 Jan 1778
Marriage Banns Place: St Katherine Creechurch, City of London, England
Spouse: Jane Seager
Register Type: Parish Register

It says bann/s but is the marriage [I think]. Will send details.

This is Aaron Jr bap., will send details, left top of page in to show type. Not a lot extra but you do get an occ.

This is from the transcription [Beech]. Date is on the image..

London, C of E Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812
Aaron Beech
Spouse: Jane Beech
Child: Aaron Beech

Will send details also.

Many thanks Geoff. I did know that father Aaron was a glassmaker, as was son Aaron. I'm guessing that they moved to St Helens for work at Pilkingtons.