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Civil Parish: Inverkeithing
Town: Milesmark
County: Fife
Address: Milesmark
MOODIE James 56 Engineman Coal Dunfermlin, Fife
MOODIE Ann 54 Dunfermline Fife
MOODIE Ann 21 Dunfermline Fife
MOODIE Betsy 19 Dunfermline Fife
MOODIE Robert 17 Coal Miner Dunfermline Fife
MOODIE Adam 10 Scholar Dunfermline Fife
MCLAREN Janet visitor 25 Kackmanan ? [Dunfermline]
MCLAREN Anne visitor 5 Kackmanan, Fife ?

Anne McLAREN b. 2 Mar 1846 c. 22 Feb 1852 Clackmannan
- John McLAREN & Janet MOODIE

I'd like a look up please for Janet in 1861.


Hi Dave

I haven't been able to find Janet in 1861, but this looks like Ann:

Ann Mclaren
Born abt 1846 Clackn, Clackmannan

RD: Clackmannan
Civil Parish: Clackmannan
Town: Clackmannan
County: Clackmannanshire
Address: High Street (north Side)
ED: 2
Roll: CSSCT1861_62

John Jess 45
Charlotte Jess 45
Ann Paterson 18 [Ann Jess] amended on the census
Ann Mclaren 15

Thanks Geoff.

A remarriage or a death for Janet ??

Apart from the marriage I have nothing on John.

I'll look for a tree.
No death for John or Janet but more children on a tree:

Maryard McLaren 1852-

James McLaren 1854-

Jane McLaren 1856-

John McLaren 1857-

Catherine McLaren 1859-
Ok. :)

According to the tree some children were born in Angus and in Kettins, Angus in 1861.

Maryard b. 1852, John b. 1857, Catherine b. 1859
You may be right about moving on.. And I think the trees are quite a bit out.

One tree seems not too bad, but nothing on John

Edit: Only one has a census for 1851 and that's wrong..
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The tree has some of the MUDIE/MOODIE marriages but not the one for John & Janet in 1846.