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JARRETT family in Kent


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Marriages Dec 1901
Jarrett Percy Brown W. Ashford 2a 1785
RIGDEN Christiana W. Ashford 2a 1785

Births Jun 1908
Jarrett Norah Elizabeth W. Ashford 2a 936

I'd like a look up for the family in 1911 please.


Hi Dave,
Happy New year

I could not find this family in the UK census you asked about so I dug a bit further and found they travelled to Sydney Australia from London on 9th June 1910 on the Otranto under the command of captain Coad.

The passengers included Christine, Doris, Ivy, My? Olive and Percy

so back to you to chase in 1911 i Oz.

Hello dochines,

Happy New Year to you too.

Thank you very much. Now that's a bit of a surprise.

I'll have to dig around in Australia a bit more. This was the earliest I had:


St Clement's Marrickville, NSW


I can't find a death in NSW for Percy or Christine/Christina/Christiana.

One tree has Percy's death in 1943 in Liverpool, Lancs. I can't find it.

If this is his death in NSW then either age at death is way out or dob 1879 Kent is out or both.


One is correct:

Births Mar 1879
Jarrett Percy Brown W. Ashford 2a 740

No Percy Brown JARRETT in NSW Electoral Rolls.
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Got to love trees. :2fun:

One tree has:

Births Sep 1866
Rigden Christiana W. Ashford 2a 579

and another has:

Births Jun 1882
Rigden Christiana Steyning 2b 327

None of the trees have this one:

Births Sep 1858
Rigden Christiana Blean 2a 505

Marriages Sep 1894
Crouch Frederick Westhampnett 2b 681
Ede Frank Westhampnett 2b 681
Rigden Christiana Westhampnett 2b 681
Winter Ellen Westhampnett 2b 681

Marriages Dec 1897
Putwain Adley Blean 2a 1742
RIGDEN Christiana Blean 2a 1742

So did the one born 1866 marry in 1894 and the one born 1882 marry in 1901?

If I had a death for Christiana in NSW before 1982 there might be parents listed. If she died in NSW after 1982 then Ryerson would not list parents.

Can't find a remarriage or a death.
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I'm finding more trees with the one born 1866 marrying in 1901.

But then the one born 1882 didn't marry in 1894. ???


EDMUNDS Christiana Death notice 29MAY1969 Death 87 late of Kingsgrove Sydney Morning Herald 31MAY1969

Therefore born Steyning not 1866 in Kent.
Marriages Dec 1882
Steyning 2b 558
Cooper Joseph John
Elms Frederick
PICKETT Annie Alice
Rigden Mary Jane
Rigden May Jane

Born before parents married.
The passengers included Christine, Doris, Ivy, My? Olive and Percy

Births Jun 1902
Jarrett Ivy Bertha M W.Ashford 2a 886

Births Dec 1903
Jarrett Myrtle Grace L W. Ashford 2a 894

Births Mar 1906
Jarrett Doris Chrissie W. Ashford 2a 943

Births Dec 1909
JARRETT Olive Ethel M W. Ashford 2a 908

No mention of Norah Elizabeth?

Births Jun 1908
Jarrett Norah Elizabeth W. Ashford 2a 936 Error

The expected page range for this district is 973 to 988.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for all the confusing information I will work my way through it

Meanwhile another supprise for you

The Sydney Morning Herald for Saturday 27th July 1918 page 6 reports the Judicial separation in the case of Jarrett v Jarrett
" A decree of Judicial Separation in the suit of Christina Jarrett formerly Rigden against Percy Brown Jarrett" grounds were desertion

As Percy had deserted his wife, he could have returned to England . Christina could have remarried and that explains why we cannot find them yet. more work to Search for Christina Browns marriage in Australia

Back in the UK the Ancestry tree owned by Pattisalt seems the most reliable and well sourced. she has his death in 1943 liverpool but does not have a source It is recent enough to have been a known fact, Could be worth being in contact with her as she otherwise has correct data for his marriage in 1901

an interesting challenge thank you

Hello dochines,

Thank you for that surprise.

The age at death for the 1943 one in Liverpool, NSW is a long way out but I couldn't find a death or funeral notice in a newspaper to check age or other details.

If that marriage is the correct one Christiana waited a very long time to remarry.

I am not sure you can marry with just a judicial separation? Does it have later to be change to a divorce?

Sorry I omitted Norah She was on the same ship. i had searched for her and the others were with her

Hi Dave,

have you had any sleep in last 24hrs?

Having sifted through the material we have so far this I think is the position regarding Percy Brown Jarrett.

Parents; Horace Jarrett and Bertha May Brown 1858-1913 were married in 1875 Elham Kent (BMD)

Census 1881 Elham Kent RG11 P1010 F47 p10 92 St Johns St. Folkestone
Horace Jarrett aged 23 a grocer born Maidstone Kent ( born abt 1858)
Bertha M Jarrett aged 23 his wife born chart Sutton Kent
Percy Brown Jarrett son aged 2 born Ashford Kent
Also on the same page is a Rigden family at 98 St John St . (The properties in between them were unoccupied)
John Rigden head 42 Carpenter born Lyminge Kent
Hannah Rigden wife 36 born Paddlesworth Kent
Jane Rigden aged 13 scholar born Folkestone Kent
Thomas Rigden aged 4 Scholar born Folkestone
Census 1891 2 Pavilion rd Folkestone
Percy B Jarrett, now 12, is with his parents Horace and Bertha. Father still a grocer
Also in 1891 John Rigden is now a widower, still a carpenter, living with son Thomas aged 14. at 47 Black Bull rd Folkestone RG12 P750 F73 p65
Census 1901 Percy B Jarrett is now aged 22 single, a journeyman baker born Folkestone living as a servant in the home of Thomas Wallis a Baker at 1 Hempsted St Ashford RG13 P782 F114 p1

Percy Brown Jarrett and Christiana Rigden are married at West Ashford in 1901 (BMD and Pattisalt tree on Ancestry)
Percy B and Christiana have several children in the next few years including Nora Elizabeth Jarrett in 1908 (BMD)
Percy B and his family depart from London for Australia on board the Otranto on 9th June 1910
The next possible reference I find for Percy B Jarrett is in the Sydney Sands directory for 1913 living at 8 Davies St Sydney
The next reference is in the Sydney Morning Herald for Saturday 23 July 1918 on p9. When his wife obtains a judicial separation on the grounds of his desertion
You may be able to apply to get the transcripts of the court case. Well worth a try.
It is purely speculation as to why he deserted his wife. Did he go off with someone? not come back from the war ( I can not find any record yet no death on CWGC site) If he came back to England there is no record on the incoming passenger list records for the UK
I can find no close matching death date for Percy in England or Australia
He could have changed his name perhaps using Brown as a surname would be the obvious thing to do
Do you want me to try and trace Christiana in the same way

best wishes

Hello dochines,

Thank you very much.

Yes, I sleep between 11 pm and 6 am. :)

This is curious:

Divorce Number Year Surname FirstName Respondent Surname Respondent FirstName Co-Respondent Surname Co-Respondent FirstName Remarks
0306 1916 JARRETT Christiana JARRETT Percy Brown - - -

TROVE is down this morning.

I can't find anything on the one who died in Liverpool, NSW in 1943 to rule it in or out. Being 1943 I also looked on CWGC site.

His name is not on the list of those who served using an alias - HERE

Re a possible change of name I searched for Percy Brown with no family name and:

Percy Brown Jarett 1943 New South Wales East Sydney

That seems to be the only entry. No sign in 1930 or 1933 or 1936 or 1949 and later.

Yes, please trace Christiana.


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