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Jean Gloro (or Guillory?)b.1898France;1 of 34 ship wrecked crew, of SV Garthpool,1929


I wonder if anyone here can help me; I am researching a ship wreck, the loss of the Garthpool in 1929 off the Cape Verde Islands.

One of the crew was a Frenchman, who may have lived in Canada at some point (or he was French Canadian)*; he was an ordinary or able seaman;

Generally, all I have to go on is;
Jean Gloro b.1898, (not sure where), France*

After recent research, going off on a hunch, I think his details might be the following;

Jean Guillory b.1898, Ille et Vilaine, Brittany, France
Son of Jean Marie Guillory

(I have more notes on this but I have misplaced them for the moment, and whilst I've been trying to google them again, I can't seem to find the right website!!)

I base this guess on the fact I find little when looking for a plain 'Jean Gloro b.1898', ((in France or Canada)) but I did find a 'Jean Guillory' born that year in France...and I think I found a Jean Guillory, a seaman, in a crew list.....

...So, where did Guillory come from??
Well, it sometimes popped up after any results for 'Gloro', at Ancestry... .....and there is a signature (many of the crew of the Garthpool signed a drawing of the wrecked ship, by the crew's shanty man, Stan Hugill) which is hard to read or recognize as the surname of one of crew, but then it could be a rather peculiar writing of the name 'Guillory'....it certainly doesn't look like Gloro...but the first bit could be a J ((and maybe that squiggle is ''ean...??''))

Well, anyway, Jean was 31 when he joined the Garthpool; he is referred to as 'Frenchy' & 'the Frenchman.' On that last voyage, he spent some of his time making a model of the French ship Bossuet...

I'd love to learn more about him and his family, & hopefully contact his descendants, relatives or such like; I'd love to discover who he was, and what became of him.

If it turns out my hunch is right and he was 'Jean Guillory', I have read little extracts from various French family history/Guillory sites, that seem to indicate he was from a well to do background and I think he married a descendent of Napoleon or something like that?! But I'm not sure about this yet...

Any information, help or advice would be most appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica Fox

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