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Jeanne Lenglet -France


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a subscription to the worldwide package on Anc***ry. I have found a record that might be the correct one but as it's in France, I don't have access to it. Can anyone help me? I'm not sure how to convey details as it was a 'hint' but this is what I know

Jeanne Lenglet
Born around early 1720s
Born Ramicourt, Aisne, Picardie, France
Record says her birth was Aisne, Paroisse Saint Nicaise, France (it's pretty much the same place)

This is on the Oise, France, Births & Christenings, 1600-1907 on Anc***ry.

Thanks for any help

Thanks to both of you for looking. I have since found out that these people are actually very likely to have come from Bolbec in Normandy and not Picardie.

annejay, I did have a look on familysearch, but nothing that seemed to match.

Jeanne Lenglet, it now turns out, hasn't anything to do with those I'm researching, sadly. :( and I'm now looking for a Magdalene Le Duc/Ledukes who I think was born here in London, but parents were French. Thanks for your help anyway :)
I found two marriages which may be yours
Magdalene Ledukes
William Shelton
15 Feb 1767 St Leonards Shoreditch

Mary Magdalene Le Duc
Charles Blutte
27 March 1775.Spitafields ChristChurch,Stepney
Hi annejay,

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I already have her marriage. You have the right one though; it's to William Shelton.

Although I've also seen the one to Charles Blutte too. Mary Magdalene Le Duc was the sister of Magdalene Le Duc from Picardie (who has turned out to be the wrong one)

What I'm having real trouble with is finding her baptism. I have searched the Threadneedle Street Church and surrounding churches, but so far nothing. :(
I think my question of who were the parents was probably a bit dumb!These are the baptism's I have found
Anne Ester Le Duc
1-4-1723,parents Jean andEster Judith
Jacques Le Duc
9=7=1721.parents Iran Francois and Judith
Judy Le Duc
26-2-1698.parents sierre and Elizabeth
Paul Le Duc
24-6-1716.parents Pierce and Marie and another marriage of Mary Ann Le Duc and Peter Bachellier,Bethnal Green 18-2-1760.
They sound either Jewish or are Huegenots and thoses sites may be more informative.
Hi annejay,

I think Magdalene's father might have been called Jean (might have anglicised it to John or something similar) but I've no idea about her mother. I've heard that name Bachellier once or twice before, but not sure if they are linked.

I do believe that Magdalene had a sister called Susannah Le Duc. I've no proof of this but various little things that seem to suggest it. To my knowledge, she married a man called Jacques/James Abraham Auber - this man was a witness at Magdalene's marriage, and the Aubers came from Bolbec in Normandy which leads me to think that this is where Magdalene, and if related, Susannah, came from.