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jessie walker[hutchison,whittle]

tumby bay
Jessie Walker married Charles Hatton i 1886 they lived in Branford York.Charles was known as Charles Whittle ,Jessie used the Whittle as a Surname.in the 1891 Census they lived at 144 Rippon St,Bradford,York.Charles also used Whittle-Hatton and the reverse of this.Does anyone know if they had children or what Date they both Died and where they are both Buried?Also Jessie had a Son to James Ogilivie Todd Foster in 1968? called Alexander Walker he was Born in Elgin ,Morayshire,Jessie took James to Court and won the right to have his name put on her Sons B/Certificate,can anyone find him.Would love to add him to Family,he is a Half Brother to My Husbands Grandfather James Hutchison.regards liz hutchison:2fun: :2fun:
Hi Liz,

Civil parish St. Andrews Lhanbryd
Address Teinland
County Moray

Not having any luck with ALexander Walker. Found two James O T Foster in 1881.

James O T Foster born abt 1867 occ farm servant born St. Andrews Lhanbryd Elginshire

Civil parish Sterling
County Sterlingshire
51 Wallace Street

James O T Foster born abt 1845 occ income from dividends born New Spynie Morayshire
Annie W wife boirn abt 1845 born England
There are none of their own children with them in 1891/1901. In 1901 there is a niece of Jessie's, Annie S Walker born Scotland abt 1882 and a visitor Jessie Mardock born abt 1886 Leeds .
In 1881 there is a Alexr Walker born abt 1869 grandson in the civil parish of
Plusgarden, Elginshire, County Moray
Address:- Forhead Croft

Other householders

Jane Ann Hardie age 2 grandaughter
Geor Hutchinson age 7 grandson
James Hutchinson age 7 grandson
Ann Walker wife age 59
David Walker age 13 son
James Walker head age 53 occ crofter 2 acres
Mary A Walker dau age 26 occ assistant

As I can only view the transcriptiopns, the errors cannot be checked against the census image.
A possibility for Alexander in 1891

Civil parish Elgin, county Moray
Address 189 High Street

Alexander Walker age 23 lodger occ drapers assistand born Elgin Elginshire.

Other household names

Donald Campbell
Agnes Cruishank
Jessie Cruishank
Jessie Cruishank
Lila Cruishank
Richard Cruishank
JamesO T Forster is the one born new spynie morayshire.In 1881 Census looks like Alexander was livng with his Grandparents with his Half Brothers James and George Walker.would love to know what happened to Alexander.Have been looking at IGI,can't still find him.Liz:biggrin: