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Jewhurst's From Dungog.

Julie. Yes I know about the cemetery on Arabella. It was me and my neice who found it. my neice is the one who submitted it to Australian Cemetery. Hope to find any stories about the Jewhurst Family, they fasinate me. they must have been tough times back then. I have heard some of the Jewhurst childen were mute, and I was wondering if it's true or not
Hi Christine,

your last post requesting information on the Jewhurst family was many years ago but I came across it today when I was researching the actual location of their farm, Arabella. I have a lot of information on the Jewhurst Family as I am James and Mary Anne Jewhurst's 3x Great granddaughter.

I have spent a lot of time putting together a full picture of the family as their deaf-mute daughter Lydia Fordham nee Jewhurst was my grandmother's grandmother :D
You can find this research on a little known website I have compiled on the link below. I hope this helps


5 of the 9 Jewhurst children were deaf-mute. To what extent I do not know.

I am hoping that you can give me an exact location of the Arabella farm where you discovered their Jewhurst family cemetery.

Kind Regards
Kim. Sorry I'm just getting back to you, PC troubles. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Jewhurst who was also a deaf mute. My great grandmother was Susan Jewhurst. she was half aboriginal, her father was supposed to have been a black farmhand at Arabella, so I have been told. Susan Married Frederick Brewer Stow. Their first son Frederick William Stow was my grandfather. Arabella property is in Underbank, It's on the way to Gloucester. The new house that was built is still called Arabella.