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Johanna and Emily LIBRENZ


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1881/C02391 Jenner Johann - Johann Gottlieb - Johanne Librenz
1888/C03709 Jenner Johann Gottlieb - Johann Gottlieb - Johanna Librenz

1885/C03293 Topp Wilhelmine - Wilhelm - Emily Leberenz

Marriage 31 May 1905/C0960 Jenner John - Topp Minnie

Death 1917/C01620 Topp Emilie Caroline - Carl Lebranz - -

Death 14 Oct 1926/B50286 Jenner Wilhelmine - Wilhelm Topp - Emily Leberenz

Death 1960/B39204 Jenner Johann Gottlieb - Johann Gottlieb - Johanna Librenz

Death 17 Feb 1963/B56769 Jenner Johann - Johann Gottlieb - Johanne Librenz
Are Emily and Johanna sisters? When did they arrive? Deaths for both ??

Death 1944/C03359 Topp William - Wilhelm Friedrick Ferdinand - Emilie Caroline Wilhelmine Liebrenz

Death 1915/C02899 Topp Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand - Carl Friedrich Topp - Sophie Weber
Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index
District: Marbach
Jenner, Johann Gottlieb
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1836
Birth Place: Erdmannhausen
Application Date: May 1855
Destination: Australia
Number: 838272.00

This looks like Johann Sr's parents..

Württemberg, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1500–1985
Johann Gottlieb Jenner
Event Type: Taufe (Baptism)
Birth Date: 5 Okt 1836 (5 Oct 1836)
Baptism Date: 7 Okt 1836 (7 Oct 1836)
Baptism Place: Erdmannhausen, Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)
Parents = Philipp Jenner & Maria Elisabetha
Page Number: 67
Custodian: Evangelische Kirche Erdmannhausen (OA. Marbach)

One tree has them as sisters..

"Emilie Wilhelmine Julia Lebrenz
BIRTH 1851 • Germany
DEATH 15 APR 1935 • Logan Village QLD"


"Johanna Emilie Maria (Mary) Lebrenz
BIRTH 25 MAR 1858 • Groß Fredenwalde, Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany
DEATH 29 JUN 1949 • Maryborough, Queensland, Australia"

Another has this, no parents or siblings

"Johanna "Jane" Le Berenz /Librenz
DEATH Queensland, Australia"

Another has Johanna's birth as 1856

"Johanna 'Jane' Hannah Lebrenz (1856-1949)
Fact Details
27 Jan 1856 Neuhaus, Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany"

And this for siblings..

"Mary Emmeline Amelia LEBRENZ 1850–1935
Amelia Mary Wilhelmine Lebrenz
Amelia Mary Wilhelmine Lebrenz 1850–1935
'Minnie' Wilhelmina Friederike Emilie Lebrenz
'Minnie' Wilhelmina Friederike Emilie Lebrenz 1852–1923
Marie 'Mary' Johanne Emilie Lebrenz
Marie 'Mary' Johanne Emilie Lebrenz 1858–1949
Emilie Henriette Caroline Lebrenz 1860–1861
Caroline Wilhelmine Emelia Henrietta Liebrenz
Caroline Wilhelmine Emelia Henrietta Liebrenz 1862–1957
Margaretha Lieberenz
Margaretha Lieberenz 1865–1946
Louisa Lebrenz 1868–1871"

If that is the correct family and the offspring are correct, i.e.

Caroline Wilhelmine Emelia Henrietta Liebrenz 1862–1957 - b. Germany
Margaretha Lieberenz 1865–1946 - b. Qld.

Arrival = 1862-1865.

Thanks Geoff.

More variation of the family name.

Thanks Val.

No, I had not seen that.

Now I'm confused. If Johanna is the mother of the one found guilty then how come he appears in the Electoral rolls.

Death 1960/B39204 Jenner Johann Gottlieb - Johann Gottlieb - Johanna Librenz

yup Dave... confusing name as there are a couple of Johann Gotlieb Jenners, so just gotta figure out which parents they belong too as all as a few William/Wilhelm Jenners...oh there's a few Johanna/Hannah's....:D
Only one with mother Johanna.

Tree has to be wrong. This death looks right for one sister.

Death 1917/C01620 Topp Emilie Caroline - Carl Lebranz - -

Marriage 1872/C0619 Jenner Gottlieb - Librenz Jane

Marriage 1904/C1140 Stencke Carl - Jenner Johanna

Can't find Jane/Johanna's death.
I checked the 1949 death then 1912 - 1950 and then a 3rd marriage for Jane/Joanna and still could not find her death.

Very hard to tell one sibling from another when they share some given names and then swap the names around around.
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If you are serving a full-time prison sentence of less than three years you can vote in federal elections.

If your sentence is three years or longer, you can remain on the roll but you are not entitled to vote until you are released from prison.
Death 1913/C02024 Paulus Carl Steinke - George Steinke - Anne Elizabeth Jahns Johns

Can't find anything in Trove so far.

Johanna Steinke, a widow, living at West Ipswich in 1916.
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Queensland Times (Ipswich) (Qld. : 1909 - 1954) - Monday 1 October 1923 p.4
FUNERAL.—The Friends of
are respectfully invited to attend her
Funeral, to move from her late Resi-
dence, Keogh-street, West Ipswich, at
3 o'clock THIS (MONDAY) AFTER-
NOON for the Ipswich Cemetery.
F. W. JOHNSON & SONS, Undertakers.

Death 1923/C04139 Johanna Steinke - August Librens - Wilhelmina Slieman

That's not 1949.
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Hi Dave,
Qld Times Thur 8 June 1905
Writing from Milbong on May 31 a correspondent forwards the following:-- A very pretty wedding took place at Milbong, to-day, the contracting parties being Mr. J. Jenner, of Hoya, and Miss Minnie Topp, youngest daughter of Mr. W. Topp, of Milbong. The marriage took place at the bride's parents' residence, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. C. Kruger, of Enselsburg. The bride, who looked very handsome in a cream voile dress, was given away by her father, and was attended by one etc etc…..

Death of Minnie – Oct 1926 – Headstone on Anc.has Minnie Jenner age 41 years, Loved.Mother of Bill, Hannah, Ivy, Les, Con, Ron, Clinton and Pat – (from billiongraves.com)
Qld BMD has her as:
1926 B50286 Wilhelmine Jenner Wilhelm Topp Emily Leberenz

Death of her Mother Emilie Caroline Wilhelmine Lebrenz - Qld Sat 9 June 1917
There passed away in the Boonah Hospital, early last week, at the age of 73 years, Emelia Topp, mother of Mr. W. Topp, of this town. A short time ago the deceased broke her leg, and was then conveyed to the Boonah Hospital for treatment. The cause of death was heart failure. The remains were conveyed from Boonah to the Baptist portion of the local cemetery, Pastor Kreiger performing the last sad rites.

Name Emilie Caroline Topp
Death Date 27 May 1917
Death Place Queensland
Father's Name Carl Lebranz
Mother's Name Caroline
Registration Place Queensland
Registration Number 001620
Page number 2011
1917 C1620 Emilie Caroline Topp Carl Lebranz -

Qld Times Thur 14 July 1910
Engelsburg News.
(From Our Own Correspondent.)
DEATH OF MRS. F. LAMPRECHIT. The friends of Mrs. F. Lamprecht would no doubt be sorry to hear of her death, which took place at her residence early on Monday morning last. She had been in ill health for a few weeks prior to her demise, and was attended by Dr. South, of Boonah. The deceased was a general favourite with all who knew her, and was of a quiet and kindly disposition. Mrs. Lamprecht was born in Neuhausen, Germany, in the year 1874, and was 35 years of age at the time of her demnise. She had resided in Queensland 25 years, and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Topp,of Milbong, who are still alive. Mrs.Lamprecht lived for a good many years in the Helidon district, and only, about 10 months ago they left Helidon to reside on the Fassifern Estate.
The funeral took place on Tuesday last, and, despite the wet weather, a goodly number joined in the cortege. The last sad rites at the graveside were performed by the Rev. C. Kruger. Deceased leaves a widower and four sons. With them, and her parents, her four sisters, and her five brothers, much sympathy is felt.

Qld Times Thu 12 May 1938
Malwine Topp, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Topp, old pioneers of the Fassifern Scrub. In 1916 Mr.and Mrs. Neuendorf and family moved to Mudgeeraba and Tallebudgera districts, South Coast of Queensland, and in 1928 moved to Cobaki, Tweed Heads, New South Wales. Those present at the celebrations were: Mr. August Neuendorf (West Burleigh), Mr. and Mrs. Will Neuendorf and family (Helidon), Mr. and Mrs. C. Neuendorf (Laldley), Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Neuendorf and family (Tallebudgera), Mrs. A. Dau (Harrisville). Mrs. E. Topp (Helidon), Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Waters and family (Southport),Messrs. Arnold and Norman and Leslie Neuendorf (Cobaki), Misses Minnie nnd Eva Neuendorf (Cobaki). Mr. and Mrs. J. Nobbs and family (Cobaki), Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Green (Cobaki). One son, Mr. Walter Neuendorf (Brisbane), and one daughter, Mrs. F. Hornburg (Milbong), were unable to attend.

1887 C595 August Dau married Agnes Topp
1887 C606 Ida Caroline Auguste Topp married Hermann Adolph August Goltz
1891 C790 Emilie Pauline Auguste Topp married Franz August Helmuth Lamprecht
1895 C780 Ottilie Helena Auguste Topp married Herman August Heinrich Lamprecht

Orbit for Ida Caroline Goltz - 3 Aug 1928 Qld Times
http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/a...rm=dau - topp&searchLimits=l-state=Queensland
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Thanks Val.

I just love all those middle names. :) My main lines - Germany, Scotland, Ireland and England. My grandmother's middle name was Frederike. Go back a bit further to Johan Georg Heinrich which eventually became George Henry.

... Mother of Bill, Hannah, Ivy, Les, Con, Ron, Clinton and Pat ...

Ok, Les = Leslie John

1914/C10647 Jenner Leslie John John Minnie Top

What about Philip ?

1911/C03991 Jenner Philip John Minnie Topp

Calls himself Philip.

1980 QLD Electoral Roll - Lilley - Banyo
JENNER Bertha Rebecca, 6 Walter St, Virgna, h d
JENNER Philip, 6 Walter St, Virgna, trades asst
Name: Philip Jenner
Spouse Name: Bertha Rebecca Goll
Marriage Date: 08 Oct 1935
Marriage Place: Queensland
Registration Place: Queensland
Registration Year: 1935
Registration Number: B022654
Page Number: 1688

Name: Philip Jenner
Birth Date: 8 May 1911
Birth Place: Boonah Queensland
Year Range: 1940 - 1947
Enlistment Place: Southport Queensland
Service number: Q143771
Next of Kin: Bertha Jenner
Series Description: B884: Army Citizen Military Forces

His birth:
1911 C3991 Philip Jenner John Minnie Topp
+ a birth
1909 C3822 Ivey Jenner John Minnie Topp

Deaths for children of John/Johann & Minnie nee Topp
1984 6218 Leslie John Jenner Johann Jenner Minnie Topp – born 1914
1983 7530 Patrick Jenner John Jenner Minnie Topp
1921 C1645 Isebell Jenner John Jenner Minnie Topp
1985 865 Ronald Jenner John Jenner Minnie Topp
1918 C633 John Thomas Jenner John Jenner Minnie Topp – born 1915
1979 B98829 William Jenner John Jenner Minnie Topp – born 1906.
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