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Johanna and Emily LIBRENZ

That's ok Val.

I said I'd stop last weekend but I'm still working on Shepherd/Hellier.

Johann Gottlieb and Jacob (Jakob) Thomas Jenner immigrated to Australia in 1855, from Erdmannhausen in what is now Baden-Württtemberg.

Sept. 23. Grassbrook, brig 397 tons, Bruhns, from Hamburg, May 26th. Passengers—Dr. Bruhn; and 112 German immigrants.
Moreton Bay Courier, 29 Sept 1855, page 2​
The record of their arrival is in the New South Wales Archives.

Online records at the Landesarchiv Baden-Württtemberg list the Auswanderung aus Südwest-deutschland, those who emigrated from south-west Germany. Among 22 other Jenners of Erdmannhausen is Jakob Thomas, born 2 July 1833. He emigrated on 4 May 1855 to Australia. He was accompanied by his brother Johann Gottlieb Jenner, born 5 October 1836.

Moreton Bay was then part of New South Wales. Queensland did not become a separate colony until 1859. In 1860 there were 28,056 Europeans and about 50,000 aboriginals in Queensland living among 3.5 million sheep and .5 million cattle

The next documentation of them is jointly taking up a lease at Mt Walker on 5 November 1867.

Jacob Thomas (age 30 ) married Magdelana Wiffler (age 18 ) at Brassall (Now a suburb of Ipswich) on 6 June 1868.

Johann Gottlieb's year of birth is often given as 1841. It seems that people have calculated backwards from his marriag or death certificate. I think he was making himself younger when he gave his age as 30 when he married the 15 year old Johanna Liebrenz. They married on 23 Dec 1871 in the Lutheran Church in Toowoomba. His age on his death certificate is also five years short. For the wedding Johann and Johanna travelled from Dalby with Johanna's father, Carl August Liebrenz.

There are a number of Jenners still in Erdmannhausen, including those that run the farm Jennerhof. They state that they are the 13th generation to run the farm (back to about 1560).

Johann lists his profession as carrier and residence as Dalby. I suspect that the Jenner brothers spent years working on stations around Dalby and further west

Carl August arrived in Moreton Bay on Friday 7 August 1863 aboard the La Rochelle. Upon arrival they are listed as Liebereng. August, (born 13 Dec 1824) with his wife Caroline Wilhelmine Henrietta Emilie (born 1826). They were married in 1849. Liebrenz worked as a labourer on an estate at Neuhaus, not far from Alt Temmen (in the Uckermark) which is recorded as his place of birth in Augusta(e) Jenner's family Bible. Caroline's birthplace is there given as Wilhelmine (Sp?). The arrived in Australia with five daughters. Two children had died in Germany, a girl and their only boy. Also on the Neuhaus estate were the Topp and Schneider families who end up living near the Jenners just north of Boonah in the Fassifern.

The Liebrenz girls are listed below, with date of birth if possible, when they married, when they died and who they married. Maria and Johanna both married twice. Margaretha was born at Halliford, a sheep station south west of Dalby and the short lived Louisa was born at Dalby. The family took up a lease at Branch Creek, now a suburb of Dalby.

Maria Emilie Wilhelmine Leibrenz B: 15-8-1850 D: 15 -4-1935
Franz Joseph Zink M:21-6-1866 (HE Died: 9 Jan 1889)
August Musch M: 7-12-1896

(Karoline) Wilhelmine Lieberenz B: 1853(?) D:1923 (In Dalby) M:23-10-1868 — Alfred George Keys

Johanna Lieberenz B: 27-1-1856 D:30 Sept 1923 (In Ipswich Qld.)
M:23 -12-1871 to Johann Gottlieb Jenner (Who Died 3 Nov 1901)
M: 4 -4-1904 to Carl Paulus Steinke (Stankey) who Died: 26 June 1913

Marie Lieberenz (Mary Lebranz) B:1858 M: 27 -10-1873 to William McLean

"Lena" Caroline Wilhelmine Emilie Henriette B: 11-10- 1862 D: 23-5-1957
M: 16-6-1881 Karl August Kraatz

Margaret (Margaretha) Lieberenz B:14 -4-1865 M:12-6-1883 to Ferdinand Berg D:1934(?)

Louisa 1868 1871

After marriage Johann and Johanna went to work at Dykehead station, near Gayndah. There their first two children were born there. Frederick Thomas (15 July 1873 - 16 March 1946) and Louisa (1875 - 8 Oct 1881).

On 9 Oct 1874 Johann Gottlieb signed over his interest in the Mt Walker lease to Jacob Thomas. According to Frederick Thomas's obituary the Jenners after Gayndah spent some time back at Dalby. They then moved to Mount Walker, before taking up a selection at Dugandan. The farm is now placed in Hoya. By the time he got full deed to the property of 80 acres on 11 Aug 1883. By then Wilhelmina (1877), Mary (1879), Johann Jacob (John) (12 Nov 1881) and Anna (3 Oct 1883) were added to the clan.

After a few years break there came Eva (5 Mar 1886), Johann Gottlieb (25 Mar 1888 ), Emma (30 Mar 1890 ), Harold August ( Nov 1893 approx - working back from his WW1 enlistment), Elizabeth (25 May 1895) and finally Auguste (Augusta) (10 November 1897).

Johann Gottlieb Snr. died on 2 Nov 1901 of diabetes. The 1890s was a decade of prolonged drought, sever floods, bank failures and the rise of unionism, and the birth of the Labor Party.

In 1903 Johanna moved to Wanora and married Carl Paulus Steinke ( 1835 - 1913), or married Carl Paulus Steinke and move to Wanora, north west of Ipswich. Steinke had run a hotel there from 1877 to 1884, then settled on farming. His first wife Amelia was killed in an accident with a sulky in 1894. After Carl Paulus died in 1913 Johanna moved into Ipswich where for various periods before her death in 1923 the three youngest children lived with her.

Johann Gottlieb Jnr. seems to have inherited his fathers temper. He left home at 15. Trial proceeding state that he was working for his brother Frederick in early 1911. My mother referred to him as the prodigal son, who woul be workin hard and living rough, and from time to time came home. His mother got some clothes and a bit of money together for him and he was off again. Johann Gottlieb seems to have had only a loose grip on reality. On 23 December at Habermann's boarding house in Ipswich her murdered Annie Holzwart, by slitting her throat with a razor. He imagined a relationship with her and grew jealous when his odd advances were treated as foolishness.

He was sentenced to death, but on recommendation of the jury, who judged him feeble minded, the State Execute commuted the sentence to life. He served ten years including at St Helena island in Moreton Bay.
After release he met and married Pauline Christine Dahler, who already had a family. He lived on until 1960. Augusta (my Grandmother) was the informant on his death certificate. Pauline died in the early 1950s.

This and further details I have had passed down and gathered from BDM, archives and newspapers on Trove.
I have been rather expansive in this account, having seen variously confused versions of the various persons lives. I hope this is of use in clearing up this branch of your researches.
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Thanks very much Jeff.

One of my direct lines is Seiler/Sailer connected by marriage to Goll.

Have just got from the state archives Record of Land Order for August and Wilhelmina Liebrenz (spelling on this document)
The left hand page, is headed Record of Second Land Order.
The first column just has 65 (does that mean 1865?) The next column has the preceding names. The next column has two subdivisions
Issued :23 Sept – Delivered: 23 Sept,To whom delivered: posted, Amount: 48 (acres I presume)
The right hand page is headed – Reference to First Land Order
Date: 7.9.63., To whom Granted: H & Co.
The heading of the first column which is unreadable has entered below: 950
The second column has the date 7.9.63.
The third column, headed To Whom Granted, has entered H & Co.

I assume H & Co is the immigration agent Heussler (Sp?)
The Liebrenz family arrived in Moreton Bay, aboard the La Rochelle on 7 Aug 1863.
My reading is that the immigration agent Heussler got the entitlement a month after the family arrrived and held it until the Librenz family had fulfilled their work contract: two years working out at Haliford?

Minnie, the wife of farmer August Librenz is mentioned as a witness in an account in the Dalby Herald in 1868 about the theft of a strawberry steer. The farm was at Branch Creek a tributary of Myall Creek

So the family got their their 48 acres in Sept 1865 and thus were farming there for three years at the time of the newspaper account.

I hope that I am reading this right. I would be glad of any corrections. The document is very minimal and in poor condition.