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John A. Clark, born 1873 in West Calder, studied at University of Edinburgh, Bachelor of Divinity


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Hello, a friend who lives in France was told when she bought her house that an "English" family had lived there several decades earlier. In the attic she found a set of books that, according to the bookplates, belonged to John A. Clark, B.D., M.A. Handwritten inscriptions in each volume indicate that he won a prize for Rhetoric and English Literature during the 1893-94 academic year at the University of Edinburgh. One of the volumes has an inscription in a child's hand that says. "May Clark, I am good." Another book found in the attic is a volume of Shaw's plays published in 1949. It has a handwritten inscription, "Mary C. Clark".
We'd love to be able to find Clark's descendants and return these.
Using the University of Edinburgh historical alumni list, I found a John Clark (no middle initial) who was born in West Calder and matriculated in 1892. No other John Clark appears to have been at the university in 1893-94. (However this John Clark was listed as studying Scots law, not divinity.)
Using the Mormon genealogy website I found a John Clark (no middle initial) born 21 May 1873 in West Calder, that would make him 19 years old in 1892, so assume this is the same person. Parents' names were listed as James Clark and Ann Findlay.
If anyone can suggest additional resources for tracing Clark's descendants, I'd be grateful.
Intriguingly I found two Presbyterian ministers called John A. Clark, both of whom emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the early 20th century. One went to Quebec, the other to Alberta. But I haven't been able to find much information about them.

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