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John Blythe and Duckweed!


swindon wilts
Some photos of John Blythe's tomb in Salisbury Cathedral.......a few photos not that great because the lighting is poor and so is my camera skills:rolleyes:
He lies a fair way away from the bulk of the tombs of which there are dozens.(see Salisbury Cathedral thread)
If i remember rightly he is connected to the Blythe family of Bishops House fame in which Duckweed is heavily involved.
One thing of note not really shown is the graffiti on most of the tombs....not pen or ink but scratched on......John Blythe had plenty of latin graffiti on him including one dated 1606!
It is not really noticeable untill close up......anyway a few pics below.






The last pic showing the stunning stained glass above his tomb.
These are better than the ones I had. The tomb was originally for Beauchamp of the House of Lancaster. John Blythe died suddenly and as the tomb was empty because Bishop Beauchamp was buried elsewhere they used it for Bishop Blythe.

I went to Lichfield to see if there was any traces of his brother Geoffrey's tomb but unfortunately not though there is a sketch of it in an old book. When they repaired and revamped Lichfield in Victorian times they just demolished it.

This is a beautiful tomb depicting their Father and Mother in Norton Church.
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That is lovely Duckweed.....the light in the cathedral make it difficult to get good shots......no flash allowed:(

I hope one day you can get to see it yourself.