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John Brailsford Bright????

I recently ordered the marriage certificate for my nans parents to find out about her dad as no one seems to know anything.

Robert Christopher Bright - 29
Doris Amy Goodison - 25
Married Feb 19th 1916 in the parish of Marsham, Norfolk

The Certificate states his fathers name as John Brailsford Bright(deceased).

The only John Brailsford Bright I can see that fits was born 1854 and died in 1909 and was the son of a Sir Charles Tilston Bright, I have done some digging and have found a lot of information which if I have found the right people goes back to a Thomas Bright who died in 1696.

I do think I have found the right family but if anyone could just double check for me that would be great I don't know if I'm second guessing myself because finding one person lead to so much info

Yes, you do seem to be on the right track.

Robert Christopher Bright was born in London Q3 1886.

In the 1901 census he is age 14 living with his family at Lavender Gardens Battersea. his father is John B Bright, barrister at law, born Liverpool 1854.

The 1861 census has this John B Bright living with his family in Paddington and his father is Charles T Bright, born 1833, occupation "knight".

It all seems quite straight forward with no chance for a mix up (though of course it is always best to get certificates to follow the trail through just in case)

How interesting for you to have a line that is well documented. There is so much written about Charles's telegraph work, he must have been brilliant. The Derbyshire Courier 30 Oct 1852, referring to Charles Tilson Bright and his brother Edward Brailsford Bright says they were the sons of Brailsford Bright, formerly well known in Chesterfield and grandsons of the late Paul Bright of Inkersall, near this place (i.e. Chesterfield)

Good luck with your research
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Doris Amy Goodison's family look interesting too.

She was baptised Feb 22 1891 at All Saints church Benhilton Surrey, d.o. James, a colonial broker, and Georgina Mary Augusta Goodison.

She was buried at this church (Doris Amy Bright) Aug 29 1923 aged 32yrs when her daughter Frances was only a year old.

Thank you for looking into it

I did think I was on the right track but like I said finding one name opened up so much information I was sure I must have made a mistake somewhere.

I have found a book about Sir Charles Tilston Bright that was written by one of his sons, in which there is a family tree, so that will open up some more info.

My nan (Doris' daughter) was raised by her nan Georgina I'm not sure why as she never spoke about her family. I do know from looking into that side of the family that Georgina's older siblings were born in Kingston, Jamaica to William B Morris and Eliza. Which I believe you helped me with in another one of my posts so thanks Elaine.