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John Clayton Bates of Mass. died 1856


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He left behind a well-established, growing company. J.C. Bates continued as the firm’s manager, and by 1930, Union Tool was capitalized at $400,000 and providing jobs to one hundred employees. Under Bates’s stewardship, measuring tools became an increasingly important part of the Union operation, and there is evidence that the company was supplying combination squares to Millers Falls well before the 1957 buyout. John Clayton Bates died on November 15, 1956—a year before the Millers Falls Company acquired the Union Tool Company

JC Bates was my grandad's boss at the Union Tool Factory in Orange, Franklin County, Massachussets in the 1950's.

If John Clayton Bates was the boss of the toolmaking company from before 1930 and he was my grandad's boss or at least a Mr Bates was why can't I find him on the free 1940 US census on ancestry? Or his death?
Well Julie, I have now found him everywhere thanks to my gran's old notebook That article had his death date wrong - it was September - and his first name was James not John.

Thanks for your interest tho, I was tearing my hair out.

I feel like getting in touch with the website and telling them about their errors. Thanks Julie.